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www amsterdammarijuanaseeds com

wonder why they need those.

Can anyone explain this. other than pure scam. This is just a small example of the tactics used by unscrupulous people taking advantage of the uneducated, ignorant or naive. Please, please, please. do your homework. Don’t get turned off by the scumbags out there. Now more than ever, the righteous need to support each other.

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How long did it take to receive your order?
Were the seeds/strains as describe

Has anyone ordered from try to buy some seeds there, it will link you to the bullshit site.

While we would love to support natural breeding techniques, they do not make economic sense. Cannabis cultivators looking to maximize yield would find natural pollination or traditional breeding techniques, wasteful and not beneficial in a commercial sense.

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What are the Best Feminized Seeds?

Have you ever grown a cannabis plant for weeks only to realize it was a male? Don’t waste your time with mystery seeds, these quality feminized cannabis seeds are guaranteed to be female – giving you what you need and want every time – sticky buds covered in THC crystals.

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When you use natural breeding techniques, cannabis seeds would produce both male and female plants, and what this means is that most often, about 50% of the yield would be male plants which are of no good. Normal cultivation methods oftentimes produce plants that end up being useless and have to be cut out or those in the case of a large percent of male species, cause more havoc by pollinating the flower-bearing female plants, which in turn can lead to the loss of the entire yield.

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