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where do dispensaries buy their weed

Some of the oldest, most established dispensaries have long been affiliated with marijuana growing operations. These dispensaries are almost like farm-to-table weed shops or the tasting rooms located on vineyard property; they exclusively sell product grown on their property, but the experience of visiting these spaces is a bit more exciting than buying bud at a typical dispensary.

Evaluating cannabis suppliers takes knowledge and diligence. While the most famous cannabis growers put passion into their work with the goal of producing a safe, pure and potent end product, there are plenty of less-than-scrupulous marijuana growers in the industry for a quick buck. It is the dispensary’s job to identify the best products for their target market, which requires communication with grow ops, product samples, laboratory testing and more. Usually, an established dispensary will start to develop relationships with different producers and growers. This can help cut the costs of certain products and give budtenders access to more information about the products they sell.

Some Grow Their Own

These days, users can at least be certain that the cannabis products they buy from licensed dispensaries are safe — but the process the dispensaries use to obtain their weed is still not well known. Considering that there remains a black market for marijuana in many states, those curious about cannabis sourcing can read on to learn more about where legal dispensaries go to get weed and marijuana stocks to buy.

It is worth noting that not all dispensaries are after the same product quality. Deluxe dispensaries catering to a wealthy clientele in Portland’s affluent Forest Park neighborhood might opt for fully organic weed products with high THC and CBD content — but a middle-class Salem dispensary might prioritize price point, which will impact both the purity and the potency of their product. Budding stoners need to consider what is important to them in their marijuana purchasing and find dispensaries with the same values.

Usually, dispensaries that manage their own grow operations are a class above. Shop décor tends to be refined, and product lines tend to be cohesive and intensely aesthetic. This could be due to the high costs associated with managing a grow operation; marijuana farmers need more capital to produce quality cannabis products, and that extra capital might also be funneled into a sophisticated and profitable brand store. What’s more, budtenders at these dispensaries will inevitably know more about available products because the company can provide them with details regarding growing conditions, cannabinoid content, refinement processes and more.

Once you trust the dispensary to use the right growing methods, you will buy confidently, knowing every product is worth your money.

Moreover, many online dispensaries have opted to grow their weed while others source it from Online Dispensary Canada to maintain quality and customers. It is very crucial to ask for the strain source while buying cannabis.

This is a digital era where everything is going online, and weed dispensaries have not been left out. Many consumers are now opting for online shopping rather than trekking or driving to a store. Besides, many weed users love to make it private, and since the online dispensaries package the weed so well, most weed consumers have embraced this new norm.


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However, many dispensaries in Canada get their weed from Online Dispensary Canada. The dispensary acquires all their marijuana from the BC’s best craft manufacturers and growers. All of these CBD oil products are lab tested to ensure quality and potency.

Additionally, they also provide typical CBD oils and cannabis strains, and more marijuana concentrates like THC oil and distillate.

Selling and growing weed has become a booming industry in Canada, and new strains are developing every day.

There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy pot. But whether you prefer cheap, abundant weed or high-end bud that looks, tastes, and smokes like a dream, there’s one question you shouldn’t ignore:

There are different ways dispensaries source their cannabis. By asking a few quick questions, you can know where your weed comes from and feel better about smoking it (or start your search for a new dispensary).

Why Does It Matter Where Dispensaries Get Their Weed?

Different growing methods have a direct impact on the price of a strain. Some strains are priced high because they’re higher quality or especially hard to find. Others cost more simply because they cost more to grow–even though that particular strain might not seem like anything special.

New mandatory pesticide testing in Colorado is revealing a range of pesticides were still present on a surprising percentage of commercially available marijuana flower. When choosing a grower, find a business that avoids synthetic chemicals and pesticides as a matter of principle, not because they’re being forced to because of testing and regulations.

Purity means the “cleanliness” of your cannabis. If a grower uses harmful chemicals or isn’t careful in their methods or testing, trace amounts of pesticides, heavy metals, mold and other chemicals can find their way into the finished product.