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where can you buy weed

Furthermore, Budpop submits all its goods for third-party testing. From the gummies to the flowers and even the cartridges, the ACS Laboratory has analyzed everything.

Many praised the company for its fast shipping, great packaging, and great edible flavors.


The pricing for Budpop’s products is firmly in the middle. It’s not too expensive with product prices ranging from $40 to $60, but it’s not cheap either. Regardless, each product is large enough for multiple uses. For example, one Budpop vape cartridge contains enough liquid for around 300 draws.

Since this is the age of experimentation, more and more consumers are trying a new cannabinoid called delta-8 or delta-8-THC as a recreational drug or for medical reasons. This baby is fresh, and its popularity is rising because of one fact. While it does give you the high of its more well-known brother delta-9-THC (or plain THC), it doesn’t include the anxiety, chills, and paranoia that you might experience with regular THC.

Budpop doesn’t have much variety, but their selection is exceptionally balanced. They only sell flowers and two types of hemp derivatives, gummies, and vape cartridges. However, each product has at least two varieties that work great for customers who want the same product but switch up flavors now and then. Budpop’s product ingredients are vegan, and the hemp extract in them is broad-spectrum. So you can be sure of your safety when consuming them, no matter what your diet is.

Most people look at diamonds and ogle over them. They want to put them on ornate pieces of jewelry and show them off to their friends. We don’t mind showing off our diamonds to our friends, but we also want to crush it and sprinkle them over a bowl.

We love detailed reports and offer bonus points to companies that go through the wringer to provide them.

We understand their values based on the structure of their website and what type of content they offer. We go through a shopping experience with them and see how we’re treated all the way through check out. But we also ask our friends about their previous experiences with an online weed company.

8. Arete

Does the company have a strong social media presence? Are they blogging or podcasting all they can about the online weed industry? Are they genuinely being helpful to their audiences or just promoting their own material? We like to look at how online weed companies are building relationships with the community. When we see genuine attempts to inform and help instead of brazen blustering and heartless self-promotion, we’re more likely to include them in our list.

While it’s easier than ever to legally purchase weed both in-person and online, let’s go back in time. At the start of the new millennia, it would have been laughable to suggest that we were close to a federally regulated cannabis industry.

On the other hand, if we can’t find a company’s lab reports, we can’t offer them a place on our top 15 list of places to buy weed online.

Going to a new website is like meeting a new person. You get a first impression, you get to know them, then, after some time interacting with them, you may make a judgment call about their character or personality. Maybe they’re good for you. Maybe they aren’t.