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You may already know important things about the life cycle of cannabis or how to germinate seeds. Now, you may want to grow some plants yourself. If you decide to plant indoors, you will need to set up your grow room before planti…

Is growing weed your hobby and do you want to grow beautiful full buds? Then opt for regular marijuana seeds. As an advanced grower you know that regular seeds require extra attention and time, but you get a generous yield of the highest quality weed in return.

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Tangie feminized seeds

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When planning to buy weed seeds, you will notice three specific categories. They are autoflower, feminized (photoperiod), and regular seeds. Each one is different in terms of cultivation and yield size, and some are more popular t…

You want to grow weed for the first time? Choose from our seeds for beginners. These seeds require little maintenance, so your harvest can’t actually fail. Choose from more than 50 different varieties.

One question on every beginner grower’s mind is how much does one marijuana plant yield? On average, a plant will produce 907.2 grams, or 32 ounces, of wet weed. For dry weed, you could get an average of 181.4 grams or 6.4 ounces.…

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At first i was very scepticle about ordering online from the Netherlands to New Zealand due to covid and legal technicalities. But i am so stoked and happy to have recieved my seeds today. It took 3weeks in total (1week faster) and we are in lockdown and I still got my seeds, and even a free Tshirt😊 Thank you weedseedsexpress I wii return☺️

Previously ordered some seeds and they didn’t show up.
The guys at weedseedsexpress were great and offered to resend my package or refund my money.
I was refunded and tried again at a later date and they came through no issues this time around! Super stoaked, look foward to seeing how they turn out and ordering more in the future for sure!
Thanks again team!

Stil whaiting and whas suppose delivery…

Have a great one!

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Cannot wait to plant my Pinkman Goo seeds. Arrived very quickly with no problems. Customer service are on the ball. Looking forward to my next grow. Will order again from these folks, after some autoflowers next!

At WeedSeedsExpress, everyone is very aware of the fact that trust is something that takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to build back up again. To that end, they do their best to ensure that trust is never broken with their customers once it’s established. This means that the WeedSeedsExpress customer service department does just about everything they can to ensure that every customer has a great experience, gets any issues resolved, and walks away satisfied.

Have you heard of WeedSeedsExpress? If not, don’t feel too bad. They’re a relatively new seed breeder, but they’re already making waves. They’re very much trending at the moment and gaining in popularity, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly start seeing them mentioned all over the place.

One of the things that makes them so appealing is the core value that their business is founded on. As growers themselves, the founders of WeedSeedsExpress have had both good and bad experiences with ordering cannabis seeds online. Part of their mission in starting their own company is to ensure that every customer who buys from them is 100% satisfied.


Ready for the best experience? We are more than happy to welcome you at Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call (+31 23 30 20 309) if you wanna have a chat first. We are always happy to help!

Weedseedsexpress is the result of a decade of knowledge and experience in the field of genetics and cannabis cultivation. Located in the Netherlands, we share our top notch genetics and knowledge to enthusiastic growers all over the world.

The first thing a lot of people want to know whenever they hear about a new online seed bank is whether or not it’s legit.

We understand the great importance of high-end customer service, delivery and germination guarantees, clear policies, a user friendly webshop, and of course – top notch genetics. No matter what, at Weedseedsexpress you will end up as a satisfied customer, as we will hunt you down, target any issue, solve any problem, and put a big smile on your face.