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Auto Orange Bud combines ease-of-growth with extreme potency, heavy yields and a deliciously indulgent skunky citrus taste. Here is the time lapse video Starting grass from seed requires patience and the right conditions. Follow these specific grass seed growth guidelines from a someone who has overseen the production of thousands of acres of grass seed. Track the first 51 days of Centipede and Zoysia seed germination in time lapse videos.

Auto Orange Bud time lapse video

Auto Orange Bud is one of the most potent and delicious autoflower strains ever created by Dutch Passion. She is one of a just handful of autoflowers ever to have made it into the exclusive Extremely High THC cannabis seed collection, with THC levels that can range from 20-25%.

If you want to grow autoflower seeds with genuine mind numbing potency, a delicious sweet taste of freshly picked oranges and sky-high yields then Auto Orange Bud needs to be in your cannabis seed collection!

Auto Orange Bud cannabis strain info

Indoor / Outdoor difficulty

Indoors, Auto Orange Bud thrives under 20 hours of daily light, ready for harvest after around 11 weeks. Her skunk heritage assures that Auto Orange Bud seeds are easy and uncomplicated to grow.

Due to her broad and bushy structure, she is a perfect autoflower to grow naturally without grow techniques such as SCROG, SOG etc. The only thing that can be done during / at the end of the stretching phase is to remove the lowest branches and possibly remove excess leaves.

Some phenotypes produce large fan leaves. Often these obscure light over lower branches/buds and are best removed during the stretching phase. This allows the underlying bud sites to develop better, ultimately improving the yield. Outdoors, she can grow in temperate climates and does well in the sunniest and warmest 3-months of summer.

Flowering / harvest

Auto Orange Bud typically takes an average of 11 weeks from seed to harvest indoors, some phenotypes take about a week longer. These Sativa-leaning phenotypes tend to be the larger plants, often with the highest yields. On average, Auto Orange Bud takes from 77-90 days to complete bloom. Alowing her an extra week provides more amber trichomes and an even stronger narcotic high.

Outdoors, Auto Orange Bud needs about 12-15 weeks to fully finish flowering. It should be noted that ripening will be faster when conditions are optimised.

Plenty of sunlight and a dry climate ensure faster ripening. This also helps deliver the densest and whitest buds. So preferably put her in a sunny place and avoid excessively damp ground.

Aroma / flavour

Auto Orange Bud is a seriously strong/potent sativa autoflower strain with a deliciously fruity terpene profile. Careful breeding over several generations has preserved the sweet citrus taste of our photoperiod original Orange Bud variety. You will love the unmistakable, pungent citrus aroma of Orange, Tangerine and Lemon.

Auto Orange Bud can taste fruity, fresh and sweet at the same time. She is somewhat tart, pungent and sticky at all times. All in all, this is a rare treat for any serious autoflower seed grower.

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Auto Orange Bud is part of the Dutch Passion Orange family of cannabis seeds. This is a collection of some of the world’s best citrus scented cannabis strains.

THC levels / effects

One of the best features of Auto Orange Bud is the insane potency. She takes THC levels to the max and then nudges them up a little further. Anyone used to enjoying ‘average’ autoflower strains with lesser THC levels needs to re-adjust to the 20-25% extreme THC levels from these top-shelf cannabis genetics. Anxiety and stress don’t survive long in the presence of such a powerful THC content.

If anything, the THC levels in Auto Orange Bud may be slightly higher than the photoperiod feminised seed version. As well as the blissfully pleasurable recreational effects, many medical growers find the extreme THC levels produce a powerful medical effect. Whether grown for medical or recreational effects, growers should note that the ‘Extreme THC’ rating is there for a reason. Use with caution!

Catering to the Needs of Your Grass Seed [Videos]

Some folks treat their seed like a college student – throw it out and let nature run its course. After all, everyone has to grow up at some point, and it’s time to learn how to feed yourself.

However, warm season grass seed is much more sensitive to conditions and needs structure to thrive. It needs to be coddled, micromanaged, and nourished like a kindergartener during the first month of school. But don’t worry – it will be strong and mature before you know it – though it may require some patience.

Close-up view of Zenith Zoysia seed 5 days after planting in ideal conditions

We’re here to help you understand the ideal conditions to help your young grass thrive before you declare it a “bad batch” and give up on it completely. After all, you wouldn’t do that to your k indergartener.

Our farmers at Patten Seed Company/Super – Sod have been raising grass seed a long time and learned a lot. T his short blog will supply you with the most important things we have learned and facilitate the relationship between you and your new seed.

Putting Seeds to the Test

We wouldn’t send seeds out to your lawn if they couldn’t handle it. And how can we tell when they’re ready ? Like most modern school s , we rely on tes t scores .

Getting a bad batch (the proper term is lot) of seed from us just isn’t possible. By strict federal and state seed law s , we sample our seed lots every few months. Those samples go to an independent, third-party lab that tests them for purity, weed seed content , and germination rate .

The minimum germination rate in which we can sell our products is 85% but the actual percentages from the lab are always in the high 90’s, usually 97 or 98%. That means when the conditions are correct, only two or three seeds out of 100 will not germinate.

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Each bag of TifBlair Centipede and Zenith Zoysia seed includes lab results.

To put that in perspective, 1 pound of seed contains over half a million tiny seeds capable of producing over 490,000 plants! Above is an example of the information provided from the lab that we are required to publish on your bag of seed.

Seasoned Professionals

Patten Seed Company is farming in three states with a combined total of 15,000 acres in farm land. For seed production, these fields have to be re-worked and re-planted every 2-3 years. That means we are constantly rotating the varieties and replanting the seed in our own fields.

An aerial view of one of our seed fields

On the farm, we plant the exact same seed lots in our fields that we use for retail sales. Simply put, we use the same seed we sold to you. After doing this for over 60 years and planting a n excess of 50,000 acres, we have never had a field fail. Under the right conditions your Zenith Zoysia or TifBlair C entipede will grow!

Ideal Seed Growing Conditions

So what are these magical conditions that guarantee success, you ask? They are covered at length in the instructions you will find with your bag of seed, but we will cover the basics here, too.

The most important part is ensuring that all of the se growing conditions are right . If even one variable is out of whack, then germination will slow or your picky (and stubborn) seed will simply wait to germinate until the conditions are right.

  • Planting depth must be 1/8 ” -1/4” deep.
  • Soil temperature must be above 60°F.
  • You simply have to have direct sunlight for 8 hours a day .
  • D uring the first 14 days the seed bed MUST remain moist. Watering on a timer multiple times per day will work well.

Last but certainly not least; your soil has to be in order. It must be stable to prevent washing away and it must be healthy for germination . The most important thing you can do for your seed is to take a soil test , send a soil sample to WatersAg.com and let them know what you are going to plant. For a nominal fee they will tell you exactly what is going on in your soil (pH, nutrition, recommendations , etc.).

75 days of healthy Zenith Zoysia seed growth

As you can see in this picture of this 75 – day – old Zenith Zoysia, there is much more going on below ground th a n above ground in any healthy turf!

Dealing with Weeds: The Lawn Bullies

Last issue to discuss is everyone’s favorite, weeds. You are going to have weeds. It’s just nature doing its thing and presenting growing pains. Just as warm season grass seeds are picky, so are weed seeds. There are billions in your yard right now waiting for the right conditions to grow.

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When you disturb the soil and remove the competing weeds/grasses you had there, the conditions will be right for seeds that laid dormant for decades to finally grow.

Mowing is your best way to combat this , but more details are available in your instructions and we are always available to help at [email protected] . However, the best advice on dealing with your local weeds will always be your county’s Ag Extension office . Extension agents are familiar with weeds and treatment options that are prominent in your area.

Videos Speak Louder than Words

Ok, enough with all this reading about seed growing . Let’s see what is possible when you truly cater to the needs of your seed ! Here are two time lapse videos showing just what to expect when all the growing conditions are right. Both of these demonstrations were grown using random bags of seed we pulled off our retail shelf in Level Mix – a mix of 30% Soil3 organic compost and 70% sand.

51 Days of Zenith Zoysia Growth in 57 Seconds

As you can see, the tender immature seedlings of Zenith Zoysia were barely visible until day 15 even under prime conditions, and some small patches were still not completely filled in by day 51.

From Seed to Lawn: 51 Days of TifBlair Centipede

The TifBlair Centipede sprouts didn’t show up on camera until day 12 and required tremendous care before needing their first trim on day 32.

With 51 days of care, water, and healthy soil, by the end of the growing period these seeds were practically high schoolers – mature enough to handle most situations but still requiring help with the essentials – like water , mowing , and the occasional dose of fertilizer or weed prevention.

We hope this helps you understand just how much you should care for your seed to ensure your lawn becomes mature and ready for routine maintenance .

If you still have questions and want to see an even better video, click over to our additional resource for Easy Seed Planting 101.

Questions? Ask away in the comments below so we can all learn and grow together!

Chris Roquemore not only manages the Patten Seed plant where all the seed cleaning, coating, and packaging happens. He oversees the growth of thousands of acres of grass seed to ensure customers around the world receive their grass seed in perfect growing condition. Chris is constantly looking for innovative ways to help customers get the most out of their newly seeded lawns and is always up for a challenge, including the time lapse videos above.

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