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sure bred seeds

The plants will stretch upwards usually between 12-18″ depending on variety, so be aware and decide your ideal plant size based upon this information.

Cannabis Plant Breeding

Cannabis breeding can be compared to breeding garden roses. Garden roses are predominantly hybrid roses that are grown as ornamental plants. When you mate two different species of roses together, you don’t end up right away with a distinctly new type of rose. Instead, you end up with roses that exhibit traits of both the parents.

Sinsemilla is robust cannabis produced by female marijuana plants, intentionally kept seedless to obtain a high resin content. This is done by preventing pollination by simply getting rid of the male plants.

Both male and female cannabis plants begin to produce flowers 10-14 days after the plants are in the flower cycle (12 hours of light, 12 hours of darkness). The male flower sites will begin to produce pollen only a few days after the flowers begin to develop.

In the case of cannabis genetics—now legally available in Colorado—there are very few true breeding cultivars. It takes many generations and years of inbreeding to create parents with homozygous gene expression and that breed true for those traits with every seed. Today, variation in seed characteristics is inevitably high.

Sexing Marijuana Plants

Stacks hard, dense, frosty, very resinous, all adds up to some killer smoke.

M7 (M10 is the same cross, they’re nearly identical)

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Im used to low yields growing sativas so I never worry about it that much when it comes to what I deem as a keeper. I did end up with another pheno that looks like the shorter one. Had a mishap with the mother plant so had to pull this pheno out of of a few days flower. Vegging clone now to put in flower, this pheno smells the best & is a fucking beast!

M4 (this was the seed run)

(I’ve posted these before, but who cares)