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super autoflowering cannabis seeds

Growing indoors, this plant loves nutrients, so be sure to care for its thirsty roots for the best results. You can expect compact heights inside just 50 to 75 cm. Yields can double in size outdoors, but the harvest of 100 to 150 grams per m² indoors is well-loved for its quality.

Blue Dream suits indoor, outdoor and greenhouse growing. Because of its West Coast roots, a hot, sunny climate is ideal. Otherwise, you can grow this easily indoors. What’s more, the high fungal resistance means that it’s hardy and convenient for first-time growers. It’s one of the faster-growing autoflower varieties, with a flowering period of 6 to 8 weeks. Indoors, you can expect heights of 75 cm, making it among the most compact options too. Outdoors, this lush, blue plant can grow up to 125 cm.

Enjoy sweet berry aromas and earthy undertones not dissimilar from a raisin chocolate bar. Its flavors open up with stone fruit and mango, with dank notes of grapefruit and pine.


Tangerine Dream is easy to grow indoors and outdoors with autoflower seeds. It’s a highly resistant plant that requires little attention and is easy to manage. It’s also fairly hardy when growing outdoors, suiting temperate climates. Indoors, you can expect heights of 100 cm and a long flowering time of between 10 and 12 weeks. Yields are higher outdoors in optimal conditions, although indoor growers can enjoy 300 grams per m².

Zkittlez is a robust and hearty plant that’s easy to grow but also fun for the most experienced growers too. It suits both indoor and outdoor environments, although it thrives best in warm and sunny Mediterranean climates.

Super Skunk does exactly what it says; it provides a rich, skunky flavor. You’ll discover rich aromas of citrus and orange, alongside floral notes of lavender. The flavor profile is fruity and earthy, with sweet undertones like candied lemon.

Green Crack has a uniquely tropical aroma and taste, with notes of papaya and mango. Predominantly fruity and floral, you’ll also discover spicy notes like cracked black pepper and chili. The smell is reminiscent of apple juice with dank, grapefruit and citrus alongside earthy notes.

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