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sugar black rose cannabis seeds

2nd Prize Pro Rosin – 4PlantsCup – Canada 2020 (Devils Farmer)

1º premio outdoor copa del mar 2015 – Mar del Plata – Argentina

2 º premio exterior cata Villareal 2015

1st Prize – Flores Indicas – Copa Esmeralda – Colombia 2019 (@JuanFelipeTangarifeGarces)

The taste is like mature grapes and flowers with a touch of skunk that is really interesting. When we exhale the smoke or vapour, we may detect an aftertaste that is slightly spicy yet sweet. The effect of Sugar Black Rose (DS27) is instantaneous and very longlasting. Almost narcotic, it’ll soon put you in a deeply relaxed state. Very suitable for medicinal usage and for indica lovers in general as it also causes mild cerebral stimulation.

3º premio exterior THC Valencia 2014

2nd Prize Outdoor Professional – V Cannabis Cup Castellon – Spain 2020 (Miki 5 Sentidos)

pousse bien sans trop s’étirer

Zeer stress gevoelig. Kan niet tegen toppen en knakken. Groot verschil in pheno’s. Moeizame ontkieming. R.

Sugar Black Rose (feminized) by Delicious Seeds is an award winning predominantely Indica strain with high medicinal value and THC level. Critical Mass and Black Domina are the famous parents of this beauty and they handed down some of their exquisite characteristics to their lovely offspring, making it a remarkably enjoyable strain.

Sugar Black Rose (Delicious Seeds) feminized

Sugar Black Rose by Delicious Seeds grows up to a mature plant, ready to harvest, within only 50-55 days and yields an average crop of 350-450g/m² indoors; outdoors it can produce up to 450g/plant. The plant is rather short, with broad, dark green leaves and dresses up with a serious amount of buds abound with THC crystals. The weed of Sugar Black Rose has a THC level of 18%+ and a sweet flavour and aroma, with a touch of musk, creating a unique and complex bouquet.

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Sugar Black Rose by Delicious Seeds is a mostly Indica (80%) variety with a high medicinal value. It is used to treat anxiety, pain, nausea, muscle spasms and tremors and also as a relaxant, for appetite stimulation and problems related to sleep. Being predominantely Indica, the plant has a good resistance to molds and can deal very good with (mild) stress. Sugar Black Rose is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, for professional breeders and novices.

Good strain, needs space!
Good strain in terms of ease of growing, yield and taste/effect. To exploit the plants potential I strongly recommend to grow this strain in really big pots (10 gallons or above) or to plant it directly into your garden. Outdoors careful observation is recommendes, as Sugar Black rose attracts caterpillars like crazy. The taste is great. It’s like the name says: A deep sweetness and flavour of roses.