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stealth cannabis seeds

The best guerrilla grow strains will grow from seed to harvest with no human intervention. This is ideal if you are growing cannabis in the countryside, in the hills/mountains or somewhere that you won’t visit very often.

A stealth cannabis strain is one which can be grown discreetly. Stealth cannabis seeds may have an unrecognisable leaf shape such as Frisian Duck or Auto Frisian Duck. These are two of the best stealth weed strains. The leaves don’t have the traditional, iconic and instantly recognisable marijuana leaf shape. Instead the fingers of the leaves are joined (or webbed) together similar to the shape of a ducks foot print.

What does guerrilla or stealth cannabis mean?

Frisian Duck outdoor feminised seeds (and Auto Duck autoflower seeds) are unique in the cannabis world for the webbed leaf shape. It’s one of the best stealth strain marijuana plants that you can grow. Guerrilla cannabis growing is easier when you have a stealth cannabis strain which isn’t instantly recognisable as weed.

Once you have found your outdoor guerrilla cannabis grow location it can supply your cannabis needs for several years to come. All you need are a few tough, resilient outdoor cannabis guerrilla strains and you can look forward to some tasty outdoor grown buds in the coming outdoor grow season!

Guerrilla growing is the name given to outdoor cannabis cultivation in a hidden location. Not everyone can grow indoors, or in a back garden. Growing your outdoor cannabis seeds in a secret, hidden and unexpected location maximises the chance of a successful harvest.

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