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show and grow

Silje Løvstad (Norway) – Untitled

Abigail Miller (UK) – In My House

Carli Adby (UK) – Oxytocin

Matt Hind (UK) – Sam’s Shoulder

Andy Fell (UK) – IJ

The flex-grow property is specified as a single <number> .

The remaining space is the size of the flex container minus the size of all flex items’ sizes together. If all sibling items have the same flex grow factor, then all items will receive the same share of remaining space, otherwise it is distributed according to the ratio defined by the different flex grow factors.


This property specifies how much of the remaining space in the flex container should be assigned to the item (the flex grow factor).

The flex-grow CSS property sets the flex grow factor of a flex item’s main size.

The main size is either width or height of the item which is dependent on the flex-direction value.

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