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For years, I’ve sown seeds by hand. It’s back breaking labor, and one of the hardest parts about gardening. Seeds are cheap though, and it’s hard to beat the selection of crops when you buy seeds. So, I’ve always chalked it up as just one of those things that I have to deal with. I’d seen seeders before, but I put off getting one. The.

by Kristen Andersen The Harris Seeds trial grounds have expanded and now include a home garden trial area where we can test new gardening trends, techniques, and supplies. Members of the Harris Seeds team suggested we include a design that has become quite popular among home gardeners: a raised spiral herb garden! The trials team was excited to add this unique raised bed to the garden layout.

Phytopthora, caused by the fungus Phytophthora capsici and also known in peppers as damping off, root rot, crown rot, and stem and fruit rot, is responsible for significant crop losses throughout the country. It can attack the roots, stems, fruit, and leaves of the plant, leaving nothing but devastation in its wake. Plant breeders have worked hard to deliver pepper varieties to the market that are resistant to.

Peppers with Phytophthora Protection

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As one of the largest seed companies in the world, we offer multiple brands targeted to specific retail markets, wholesale packaging and distribution for branded programs, custom imprinted products for business’ promotional needs, and community based educational programs. At Page’s Seeds, from planting the first seed all the way to harvest, we are dedicated to helping our customers grow. Thank you for your trust!

American owned and operated, The Page Seed Company has provided quality products to the gardening community since 1896. Both professional horticulturalists and hobby gardeners rely on our abundant selection of Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs and Organic Varieties. Page’s takes great pride in our seed selection and purchases. Our company strictly works with suppliers having the best quality and highest germination available in the market. We do not offer any retail or custom imprinted packets that are “Genetically Engineered”.

Today’s gardening customer expects three things from their garden seed purchases: they want to know that they can trust in the product and the company, that they’re getting a good value, and that whatever they purchase…will grow. For over 100 years, Page Seed has supplied the highest quality products, rigorously tested to ensure germination levels at the best consumer value in the industry.

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