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seattle cannabis seed bank

Gorilla Seeds (Gorilla Seed Bank) is one of the best seed banks based in Europe. More affordable pricing and free seeds are two things that make them stand out along with other seed sellers. Founders, led by Alex’s man, started the business in 2011, located in the United Kingdom. So if the seed bank has a low reputation, its founders already have a 40-year total experience in growing cannabis seeds.

Even though they do not have the largest cannabis seed catalog, they have a huge seed inventory. Specifically, they sell around 2200 varieties of strains from over 120 experienced cannabis breeders. Therefore, both newbies and professionals can benefit from the seed bank.

When growing Cannabis Seeds Indoors, be sure to select cannabis strains that are suitable for indoor environments. Give them enough nutrients, but Do not over-feed and over-water.

9. Seed City

2. How To Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds Indoors

There are many seed banks globally, but not all of them ship to the USA. Meanwhile, certain seed banks ship to the USA and other countries as well. The ten seedbanks we reviewed above are well-chosen and well-evaluated.

Are you worrying about payment? They have an extended list of payment methods available. These include a bitcoin credit card, debit card, bank transfer, cheque, cash payment, and postal order. And if you are looking for discounts and promotions, you can check their website regularly.

Speaking of free seeds, MSNL offers free seeds in every order. The number of free seeds depends on your orders, but they give out at least five free seeds per order. Another good thing is, they ship not only in the US but also worldwide. If you live in the US, they usually ship items from 5-12 days. However, you may have to wait until 25 days for your items to arrive, with stealth shipping guaranteed.

However, we can’t recommend that you search for marijuana seeds or products in Washington via the black market. Buying weed products outside of licensed dispensaries or seed banks is illegal.

Whether you want to set up an outdoor grow or transform a spare bedroom into a grow room — it’s time to learn about the legality of marijuana and cannabis seeds in Washington.

However, this single case did not make it legal to buy medical marijuana. Instead, State v. Diana paved the way for the first introduction of medical marijuana reform in Washington.

Washington’s Booming Cannabis Industry

As we mentioned above, Washington isn’t the driest climate in the United States.

The Jack Herer seed strain is world famous because of its ability to pump out a crazy amount of weed in as little as 9-weeks. Furthermore, Jack Herer is easy to grow, and the marijuana it produces is blisteringly potent.

Washington’s landmark cannabis moment came on November 6th, 2012, when Initiative 502 passed.

Here’s a list of penalties in regards to cannabis trafficking in Washington: