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purple kush cannabis seeds

The Purple Kush strain prefers cooler conditions. Unlike many other cannabis strains, the Purple Kush strain performs best in the 60-75°F range. The Purple Kush strain is ideal for individuals in Northern latitudes where the summer weather is not as oppressive as their Southern neighbors.

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The history of Purple Kush is hazy.

A diamond in the rough.

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Purple Kush marijuana leaves users with high feel-good effects, thanks to their insane THC and Indica levels. These properties partly explain why the search for the best Purple Kush seeds is gaining momentum.

The water leaves have the same neon green color, with shades of coral orange, deep purple, or even burgundy. The sugar and water leave combo are partly responsible for the surging demand for Purple Kush marijuana seeds.

Effects of Purple Kush

After Purple Kush seeds germinate and plants complete the vegetative stage, you should expect flowering to end 56 days on average in indoor settings.

Second, the sedative effects also play a huge role in managing chronic pain and inflammation. These features make Purple Kush a great suppressant for menstrual cramps, injuries, muscle spasms, and rheumatic arthritis.

After the germination of Purple Kush cannabis seeds and vegetation, the phenotypes manifest as notable features. Aptly put, the phenotypes become more dominant due to the exposure of the cannabis’ genotype to the external environment.