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Because the pot is placed in a socket in the ground, the environment the plant grows in is much easier to control – The plant won’t blow over in strong winds – the root ball will maintain better temperatures – fertilizer and water can be controlled easier – and harvesting your crop is as easy as lifting the pot out of the socket, saving your plants roots.

This growing system produces healthier plants, with more robust root systems. Pot-in-Pot can be used by virtually any grower, in any area, under conditions that are dry or wet, flat or hilly, mild or harsh. Plants grow faster, labor costs are reduced, plants are healthier and harvesting can take place year round. Pot-in-pot is used primarily by growers of large plants and trees (most commonly in #15 or #25 pots), but has been successfully used with pots as small as seven gallons.

As an early originator of the Pot-in-Pot System, Nursery Supplies remains to have the best container design for this method of in-ground growing. The system uses our highly durable Grip-Lip ® as an outer container and our more economical Econo-Grip™ as an interior liner to save time, money and to produces a healthier product.

Growers have found that the long-term savings they experience in production and labor expense far outweighs the slightly higher installation cost of a Pot-in-Pot system. The Pot-in-Pot system is one of the best ways to grow healthier plants with exceptional growing success.

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Hundreds of additions to suit every garden

Hundreds of additions to suit every garden

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