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outdoor bagseed grow

Hey ICMag’ers, I decided to get back at it again. It’s that time a year and while I’ve been dealing with some bull for the past 2yrs, which is why I haven’t been on here since 2014. I’m about to get back to business, I really have missed you guys. You’re like an extended family. Well time for the show. I usually don’t start my grow journals this early in the game because the veg stage can be boring but I’ve decided to document the majority of this guerilla grow. As all of my previous grows have been as well. I think I failed to mention that in the past, I’m assuming with me being in the dirty south most would just pick that up that this isn’t a backyard grow. I sure as hell wish it would be. Not sure when the marijuana laws going to start looking favorable for us in the south. We like growing trees too.. lol Anyway I’m rambling, excuse me I’m high on some killer dank I got from this guy.

Most all my grows are on a budget and for personal consumption, though i gift to friends every now and then. The very few that know what I can do. Setup is my usual spot in the woods, amended soil. The native soil is like a reddish clay type soil (I get alot of pink pistils out of my bagseed using this spot and I always thought it has something to do with this soil, I could be wrong), and I bring in topsoil, perlite, dolomite lime, epsom salt and manure. Veg stage I’m going to feed with fish emulsifier, superthrive, molasses, coconut water (heard good things about that recently, it’ll be a first) and every now and then I add a lil peroxide to the feed. The soils been mixed up for about 3wks now and babies been going about a week now. I know it’s a little late but my last grow was way later so I expect to do some good numbers this go around. My last grow yielded me about 2 and half pounds, I started that mid to late July. Being that we only in June, I should be able to double my last yield with this longer veg time and more plants. I have 36 bagseed babies currently about a week old and I feel like poppin another 12 beans, but we’ll see how that go. I want atleast a strong 30 female plants come the flip. I usually have a pretty good female to male ratio from my bagseed around 8:2.

Oh yeah they're definitely root bound. I learned a little too late on that they should have been put into bigger pots so next year I'll definitely be giving them more room. I've been kinda wondering if maybe its dropping a lot of leaves because its so root bound and probably heat stressed because we had a month where it was over 100 ever day. I dont know if that causes it to drop leaves or not though.

The white pistils make your buds look like Guy Fieri

I would say those plants deserve a bigger pot. Might be too late now, but I'd put money on those girls being rootbound.

Also in SoCal. Ph-ing the water will make a big diff. My tap is 8.2pH, to lower I have a gallon jug of water I add about 1/4 cup of battery acid. That container sits in my watering area. If I am mixing base nutes I rarely have to adjust pH they do it them self. If its just a pure water day, then, about a 1/4 cup of that acid/water mix will bring 4 gallons of tap to 6-6.5Ph. If pH is too low(too much acid), I just add tap water. I fill my watering buckets 24-48 hours before use, gives time for chlorine to burn off. Congrats on a nice grow.