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original seeds store review

Scam, do not buy trust me, took 3 weeks to uk and was missing the majority of the seeds that i ordered and didnt offer no replacement. Disgraceful.

Do not buy from these people. Shady business. I even paid extra for stealth delivery. It has now been over 4 months, and I still have not received my seeds. They refuse to refund my money as well. Told me that they probably got lost in the mail. But they refuse to help me out in any way. Don’t get ripped off! Don’t order from them!

Very bad .over one month .I still did…

Very bad .over one month .I still did not receive my order. I placed my order on 7th July.
It did not send out untracked mail at all.

Big Order.
2. day dispatch. 8 Day delivery in Europe. Good Stealth and healthy looking Seeds. i'm very satified.

I am very sorry to hear about everyone's difficulty ordering from this site. I placed my order and was surprised when it arrived within 7 days to U.S. I was also surprised when I received two freebie seeds! Again surprised at the speed and rate of germination out of 14 seeds 9 germinated within the first 48 hours and of those 9 all are still alive and thriving. I ordered regular seeds and all of them are feminized XTRA BONUS. Still in veg state so can't verify authenticity of strain ordered but overall couldn't be happier with my purchase and will order again!

You can avail the stealth option with a little charge, and they send the item in a very stealthy way. They will hide the seeds in just regular things, so anyone who opens the package cannot see the seeds directly.

But after reading a lot of positive reviews from happy customers, it’s safe to say that their seeds have a very high ratio of germination , and you probably won’t have to worry about anything.


The website of the original seeds store seed bank is very neat and clean; you can navigate it pretty easily.

The original seeds store seed bank has survived for this long because of their exceptional customer service. They take care of their buyers before and after-sales of seeds.

For the last ten years, they have been selling cannabis seeds all over the world from their headquarters in Spain.

Our online payment system is simple and easy. We accept online card payments from all EU countries. All payments are discreet and will show: OSSC on your statement. Please ensure your card is registered for 3d security and enter the details correctly including the Card Number, Expiry Date, and the 3-digit security code found on the back of your card.

Within a short time, our work on the lead-in, hybrid (Skunk) generation of cannabis seeds and the arising Hydroponic technique of plant cultivation indicated that the quality of products and the effectiveness of the devices that we were producing was ground breaking at the time.


Original Seed Store Delivery to USA/World

Bank Transfer
We accept payment for your seeds by bank transfer, although we recommend that only customers in Europe use this method.

Paying for your seeds has never been so easy, secure or private. Just another helpful improvement from the Original Sensible.

By the mid-’90s The Original Sensible Seed Company were extensively included in many Hemp society magazines and papers and boasted thousands of consumers Worldwide from Lords, Ladies and high faluting specialists to the average Joe with some area to grow.

Original Seed Store Review