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organic cannabis seeds uk

The word organic itself means a product that comes from a living organism. If you are growing cannabis organically, this means that you will be growing from sources that are natural, and not with anything synthetic like salt compounds that you would find produced in some laboratory somewhere. Particles that are organic decay and are sometimes in fact the result of decay rather than some of the chemical options that are created to create on a budget. Buying cheap cannabis seeds (these are available through websites such as Discount Cannabis Seeds) doesn’t automatically mean that you will receive a lesser product – it’s just important to know how the plants themselves are grown.

Cannabis cultivators are always looking for ways to improve the quality of flowers. There is still lots of ongoing debate whether there is in fact a difference between growing cannabis with chemicals, or growing it organically. Those who are connoisseurs or patients that use it for medical use usually state that they prefer it when naturally produced. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to give you info on what the difference is between the two and why you should grow organic cannabis.

Why Choose Organic?

How to Grow Organic Weed Indoors

The easiest way for you to grow organic cannabis indoors is to get large buckets (if you can get 5 gallon ones these can work) with holes at the bottom. This will give you the chance to grow large plants (should hold no less than a ¼ pound for each plant). It also means you won’t have the hassle of watering and maintaining smaller plants at the same time. You should then fill this with your prepared mix and use lighting that of no less than 400 Watts if you can. For bigger colas, 600 or 100 Watts is better if possible.

Taking care of the environment and creating a sustainable economy have always been the two main priorities of Humboldt Seed Organization. We’re a seed bank made of farmers and breeders who have spent years growing in the mountains of California using organic farming techniques that have a smaller environmental impact. This section features all that is to know about organic cannabis cultivation, including topics as diverse as compost, crop rotation, biodiversity, the development of habitats or organic fertilizers. Join the Regenerative Cannabis Movement!

This is important to know and can be discovered from a range of sources. Look at product reviews on the seed bank sites and other review sites. Visit forums and discussion boards and even question and answer sites such as Quora. Get as many different opinions as you can. Finally ask friends who have bought seeds and listen to their product and user experience.

If you want to skip the reading this table acts as a quick reference to what I consider as the best UK seed banks:

There are now more strains of cannabis seed available than ever before. This is great if you decide to buy some but it is easy to get stuck when there are so many players in the UK market. To get the right guidance and the best deal, while staying on the right side of the law, it is crucial to find a good seed bank.

Online vs Shop

In 2021 it has suddenly become much more difficult to ship items to the UK. This has seen the market for cannabis seeds change somewhat. Some of our previous recommendations are based in Holland, they have taken the decision to no longer sell to the UK because of the additional taxes and costs to do so. Others have also moved headquarters to Spain which has meant not all stock is being held in local storage and reducing their selections.

If you make this first choice wisely it will make everything that follows smoother. Don’t be tempted to go with an unproven supplier for discounted seeds. This could compromise your security or the quality of the product.

Different seed banks may not only sell at different prices and in different quantities but there may also be different deals available. Remember you are only getting a good deal if the seeds you have bought are good quality and you actually get the strains that you have paid for.

In the days of amazon prime and the next day delivery of so many products it has become more relevant than ever for companies to offer a competitive delivery service. In addition some seed banks also offer an extra layer of discretion with ‘stealth shipping’. This is when your seeds are packed inside another product. It is an excellent option but don’t forget that you have chosen ‘stealth’ when you can’t work out why someone has sent you a packet of pens.