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one plant one light

The trichome method is a popular way to see if a cannabis plant is ready for harvesting.

Choose a healthy full-bodied soil, but more importantly, find nutritious soil boosters to add to the plant. There are many organic boosters on the market. However, you can DIY and use bat guano, compost teas, or even fish guts to fertilize and bring nutrients to your weed crops.

When your cannabis is cured, you should divide it into several portions. It is also a good idea to weigh each package! It is best to keep the wrapped marijuana in a sealed mason jar to keep it fresher for longer. You should also store it in a dark place at a temperature of no more than 70 degrees.


Cannabis’ growth is based on a light cycle. This is why it grows particularly well outdoors during certain months when the light conditions are ideal. When growing indoors, you must choose a light that best fits your budget, as well as the plant’s needs.

After a few weeks, your seedling is firmly in the vegetative stage. Your plant needs approximately 18 hours of light every day. The plant will grow taller, and you get to see its distinct characteristics. An indica will become short and bushy, whereas a sativa will get thin and tall.

Curing is a controlling of humidity and can create a truly phenomenal final product. Ideally, you will have some wide-mouth glass mason jars, although one is likely enough depending on the yield’s size. Put the buds in the jar, but don’t fill it more than three-quarters of the way.

It is now possible to grow cannabis plants at home in specific states. For individuals fortunate enough to live in one of these places, they are free to experiment and grow a small crop.

I hear ya on the Limitations issue.

When you look at the rating for a seed to purchase it shows the "M2" yield. This is based off results from professional growers using 1 600watt HID lighting system in a square meter.

In a perfect world I would have the whole house blown up. I live in a land of limitations, and I’m grateful I have what I have to work with. I have space, leo, wife issues.

Dan K

I’m running a 1k in a 4×4 and a Vortec 6" Can (Temps 66-71night – 76-79day)with 7 flowering right now. I’m gonna suffer a bit on yield due to overcrowding but I expect to pull at least a pound out of the mixed strains together.

Thats awsome. 30 oz on a plant. im not saying it isnt gonna happen. but i damd sure would love to see pics of that. so i can follow that plan to a t.

Any strain suggestions. Maybe a nice 60/40 producer leaning towards "smart" not "coma".

If you are going to buy a new light and can fan, might as well spend the extra $100 and get another 4×4 tent. That would increase your yield!