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John Sherck, Indiana seedsman, mentor and friend, of Sherck Seeds truly is the Gold Standard when it comes to upland rice cultivated in cold temperate climates. Although he retired from seed sales May 2021, his website is a wealth of information worthy of your perusal.

Charlie of Wisconsin’s Anarchy Acres is a good source for regionally appropriate wheat in quantities larger than we can supply.

Looking for larger quantities of beans than what we offer? We highly recommend contacting the good folks at Sheridan Acres. Fellow bean enthusiast Kevin represents the 4th generation to grow heirloom beans on his family’s farm in Michigan’s Thumb region.

We realize our focused inventory won’t satisfy all your seed desires. Please consider supporting these companies in our Great Lakes bio-region to meet those other needs. (Yes, I am aware of quite a few additional worthy seed houses that are not on this list. Their omission is purely the result of an intentional focus on producers in our Great Lakes bio-region.)

Hang on – didn’t I just list my competitors. No, I list wonderful regional small-scale seed houses whose passionate labors of love result in the finest selection of top quality, regionally appropriate seeds, well deserving of their space in our gardens.

High Mowing Seeds
They offer 100% organic seeds on line since 1996.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Johnny’s has been farming organically for over 40 years and has been a MOFGA Certified Organic Seed Handler since 1979. They offer varieties of certified organic vegetable, herb, flower, fruit and farm seed created using natural crossing methods for hybrid seeds that are healthy and safe.

In order to create a hybrid variety, the parents must be crossed each time to create the same combination of characteristics. So, hybrid seeds do not “reproduce true,” which means that plants grown from seeds (i.e., the second generation) may or may not share the desired characteristics selected from the first generation.

Variety Trials

GMO corn often includes a “B.T. gene” which stand for bacillus thuringiensis to prevent larvae from feeding on the crop. The B. thuringiensis is a natural bacteria but when inserted into a crop that crop is a GMO crop, which is not permitted in organic production systems.

Organic Vegetable Seed Suppliers
This is a vegetable seed resource from Pennsylvania Certified Organic, including supplier contact and location information.

Hybridization is a natural process. Often times an insect or bee pollinates a plant with two parents. The result is a plant that has different characteristics than either of its parent plants.

The Northern Organic Vegetable Improvement Collaborative consists of researchers and educators from Oregon State University, Cornell University, Washington State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Organic Seed Alliance, and USDA who are collaborating with more than 30 organic farmers to breed new varieties and determine the varieties best suited to organic production systems. Their variety trials focus on open-pollinated tomato, cabbage, sweet corn, winter squash, and pepper varieties. Their Organic Variety Trial Reports include reports of these five crops among others.