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male cannabis seeds for sale

We have streamlined the buying process for cannabis seeds into 3 simple steps. Visit our website here , where we have collated regular seeds to aid your search, proceed to checkout, fill all required information and make payment using your preferred payment method.

When you use natural breeding techniques, cannabis seeds would produce both male and female plants, and what this means is that most often, about 50% of the yield would be male plants which are of no good. Normal cultivation methods require more effort and experience to police to ensure that they produce plants that do not end up being useless and have to be cut out due to pollination.

Growing regular seeds require some skill levels but before we delve into what you need to know. Also refer to our Marijuana Grow Guide to learn more about growing.

Is there any buyers’ protection?

Because you run the risk of getting lots of male plants that can pollinate the female flower and ruin the yield when you plant regular seeds, it is pertinent that special care and watchful eyes should be on the plant to notice when flowering is about to occur, and to separate males from female plants.

We are one of the world’s leading cannabis seed bank and we offer a variety of cannabis seeds to clients around the world and the USA. Our seeds are expertly curated and they cut across all strain types, desires and grow expectations.

Sure. Many newbies are making good progress with their plants. You just have to ensure that you get the right gears and kits to maintain a favorable environmental condition and also ensure you buy your Cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks like us. Also make sure to review our Marijuana Grow Guide to get started.

When you buy regular seeds from us, you can be sure of the exact genetic makeup and that the seeds are what we say they are. Our regular seed groups are of the finest quality, and while they are likely to produce any of male or female plants, the plants are sure to be sturdy and female groups are certain to produce rich buds with their natural flavor and potency.

Slightly shorter, high quality marijuana strains, developed specifically for indoor setups.

and in recent years have concentrated our efforts on producing regular only strains in an effort to maintain genetic heritage. It is this commitment to breeding that allows MSNL to offer one of the largest catalogues of regular marijuana seeds.


Despite the rise in advanced, specifically bred female genetics, the popularity of regular cannabis seeds has remained strong amongst enthusiasts. The pure genetics are highly sought by growers looking for greater flexibility in their gardens and increased value for money. Until recent years growers had no choice but use regular seeds however the introduction of feminized seeds has seen many seed breeders neglect the regular strain category.

The connoisseurs choice, offering soaring, cerebral highs and excellent medical qualities.

We offer the bulk of our award winning genetics in both regular and feminized seeds