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As a leading company approved by the MOH for the past decade, IMC works tirelessly to allow our patients to live a happy & fulfilling life.

This rich, velvety strain has a cherry aroma and was named after its smooth texture, which resembles ice-cream. It reduces stress and provides a calm, relaxed feeling without making patients foggy. Which makes it suitable for a variety of medical treatments. Some say that certain dosage enhances the sativa effect and others the indica, which enables patients to use this strain during different parts of the day.

A Taste of Our Leading Flowers

This sativa-dominated strain was named after the vibrant city of Tel-Aviv because both are known for uplifting the spirit and enhancing creativity. Its sweet, exotic flavor helps increase patients’ appetite and treat eating disorders, while providing a lively, energetic feeling.

“Establishing the right strain and dosage is a combination of science and art, both guided by the principal of advancing slowly, while monitoring the response and including detailed explanations which set the right expectations for gradual change.”

For over a decade now, IMC has been doing groundbreaking progress to improve the quality of its different strains and the active ingredients within each one. The standards of plants, active ingredients concentration levels and meticulous manufacturing procedures all form the base for our top products.

As the legalization of cannabis in Canada unfolds there has been an explosion in the cannabis products available.

Terpenes (tur-peens), are aromatic naturally occurring metabolites found in the essential oils of plants. Terpenes are what gives plants their unique aromatic diversity.

Hemp vs CBD Oil

What accessories are available to assist in cannabis consumption?

Cannabis edibles are growing in popularity among cannabis users. According to a study, over 25% of Canadian cannabis users tried them in the first six.

Cannabis can be enjoyed in a number of ways. You may be most familiar with smoking—any method in which the flower is lit on fire.

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