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is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in ireland

The Irish Green Party advocates for adopting the Dutch model, but with licences for regulated domestic cultivation. This avoids the Dutch pitfall of organised crime involvement in the supply of cannabis to coffeeshops. Otherwise, the Dutch model is followed closely, with adult-only coffeeshop spaces for selling and using cannabis. There would be no criminal offence for possessing less than five grams of cannabis. There would also be access to cannabis-based medicines through pharmacies, similar to recent reforms in Germany.

Twomey’s speech specifically mentioned a bill currently with the Irish parliament, the Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation bill (2016), which has been put forward by Gino Kenny, a politician and “TD” for the Dublin Mid-West constituency. Although this bill legalizes medical cannabis, Fine Gael were hesitant to allow this because of the alleged legal complications that would arise. Fine Gael do not currently hold a majority in parliament, and the parliament voted in favour of revising the bill further. There has been no progress, however, on this bill in over a year.

Another small political party happened to announce an even more ambitious policy the weekend of Vera Twomey’s speech. The Green Party only holds two seats in the current parliament of 158 seats. They have been in government before, and could potentially be part of a coalition government after a future election. Part of their platform will be this document outlining their cannabis policy. Another coincidence with this announcement is that it happened the same weekend as the Australian Green Party announced their policy to legalize cannabis.


Ireland has traditionally been a socially conservative country. It also has a political system where the government always features one of two conservative political parties with almost identical policies. As recently as 2013, a bill from Luke “Ming” Flanagan TD to legalize cannabis was voted down in parliament by a crushing margin of 111 to 8. In that context, approval of recreational cannabis does not look likely. Then again, Flanagan has since been elected to the European Parliament. And Ireland now seems capable of more rapid social change than before.

Police resources are drained by so many cannabis seizures in Ireland, which are reported on a regular basis. Sometimes, grow-houses are discovered with migrant labourers trafficked to Ireland by organised crime. And the 2010s have seen an escalation in violent killings between inner-city gangs selling drugs. This decade has also seen Ireland recognised as the biggest user of illegal psychoactive drugs in Europe. That was the distinction Ireland has earned for its efforts in the EU Drugs Market Report of 2016. The Report also claimed that 25.3% of Irish adults have tried cannabis at least once, and 10.3% of Irish adults have used it within the last year.

Reforming cannabis laws appears to be popular in Ireland. This is certainly true of medical cannabis, where even older and more conservative groups support it. While public attitudes are shifting, there could still be vocal opposition to any moves towards tolerating recreational cannabis. There’s decades of misinformation around cannabis, with people fearing its effects will be similar to alcohol. Ireland has huge problems with alcohol. As an Irish non-drinker, I know this is a harmful stereotype. It is also observable in Irish cities every weekend. What might be appealing is the potential for an alternative social scene in Ireland.

In December 2016, an Irish Times/Ipsos poll placed public support for prescribed medicinal cannabis in Ireland as high as 81%. A Red C poll published a month earlier placed support levels even higher at 92%. The Irish public appears to be very sympathetic to the use of cannabis in a supervised medical context. It would seem like a no-brainer for the government to introduce this, especially with all of cannabis’ potential medical benefits. Yet the government is still progressing slowly and trepidatiously on the matter.

Most growers will germinate their seeds in April so that they are ready for spring vegetation. However, in Ireland you should not plant your seeds too early. Especially since you may still have to deal with night frost like in Northern Ireland . It’s therefore advisable to keep a close eye on the weather before you start the germination process. Moreover, because a seedling is still very susceptible to bad weather and infections it’s advisable to germinate and grow the seeds indoors the first 2 to 3 weeks before you move the plant outside. By carrying out the first phase of the plant indoors you considerably increase the chance of a successful cultivation.

Also in Ireland you will find many home growers who would like to grow a few plants. For example outdoors in the garden or in a hidden place in nature. Although the relatively cool climate of Ireland has an advantage (the sun will never burn your cannabis plant), the climate of Ireland isn’t known as the most ideal climate for outdoor growing. At the height of summer it will not be hotter than 25 degrees and in winter it can snow with temperatures below 0. Moreover, because the sea has a major influence in the climate, it is often moist. Growing weed in Ireland outdoors is therefore challenging.

Germination and first phase

Although the terpene compounds of the cannabis plant work as an antifungal, this is not indefinite. The climate of Ireland must be taken seriously in order to reduce the risk of mold and top rot. We therefore advise you to grow your plants in pots with holes at the bottom. In this way the excess water can easily drain away. In addition, you can easily move the plant indoors when the weather gets really bad. Finally, you will have to check your plants regularly for signs of water stress and top rot. You can also reduce the chance of mold by growing in a greenhouse.

Due to the limited sunlight, you need a variety without too much shadowing so an indica species is an obvious choice. This species originated in cold and mountainous climates and is therefore also suitable for the climate of Ireland. The broad leaves ensure that the light is well captured and the layer formation acts as insulation.

Are you curious about what you should pay attention to and which cannabis seeds you can choose best for growing outdoors? Then read this blog about cannabis seeds Ireland.

Ireland is also capitalizing on the economic possibilities that industrial hemp offers.

Summing Up

Possession and Consumption of Cannabis in Ireland

Besides, 74.5 percent of the respondents admitted that people should use marijuana for medical benefits, so the current policy of the country on medical marijuana could be developed.

Now, most nations are taking steps towards cannabis legalization because the experience of many North American states has shown that marijuana legalization can be beneficial for local budgets. The excess income could help any country, including Ireland.

Despite the ban, or maybe because of it, cannabis use in Ireland rose towards the end of the 1960s. In an effort to solve the query, the administration created a Working Party on Drug Abuse in 1968.