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indoor cannabis seeds

If you’re planning to grow weed indoors, consider the strains below. They’re ideal for small spaces and produce fantastic harvests.

Growing cannabis indoors has unique advantages and disadvantages. Cultivators have almost complete control over the environment, and can easily regulate light, water, and nutrients. However, space can quickly become an issue, especially when growing strains that like to reach rapidly toward the light source.

Towering sativa strains have the potential to surge to heights of 300cm. Growers can limit vertical growth by planting them in small containers, but they won’t produce as good of a yield as strains specifically bred for indoor cultivation.

Are All Weed Strains Suitable for Indoor Grows?

Technically, yes. All strains can be grown indoors—although some varieties are much more suited to this environment than others. Bushy indica and autoflowering strains rarely exceed 120cm in height, and are thus naturally compatible with small spaces.

Our Northern Light strain descends from a premium cutting and features a completely pure indica genetic profile. Her bushy growth and medium size make her an ideal candidate for indoor cultivation.

Are you growing cannabis indoors during 2021? If so, you need to check out these 5 strains designed for indoor spaces. They possess high levels of THC, delicious terpenes, and yields to fawn over. But, breeders also created them with space in mind. They’ll thrive in small grow tents without sacrificing yield.

Fortunately, breeders have tinkered with cannabis genetics to create varieties that are ideal for indoor growing. These plants remain short, and are easy to manage and train. They’re suitable for small grow tents, and some cultivators even go to the extremes of raising them in refurbished computer towers and cupboards for added stealth.

Soil : There are plenty of options in this category. You can choose from actual planting in specifically cultured soil in pot plants or utilize neutral mediums such as rock wool with the roots of the plant immersed in the nutrient infused medium.

Because of the need for artificial lighting, farming indoor seeds can be a little expensive as you are likely to quickly ramp up electricity bills running into thousands of dollars monthly.

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How to Grow Indoor Cannabis Seeds

While any type of Cannabis seed can be planted indoors, there are some specific strains that would only do so well when cultivated under watchful eyes indoors and in a controlled environment. Photoperiod strains fall under this category.

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Indoor cannabis seeds are best suited to recreational farmers with only a few pot plants in their homes or commercial farmers with the right financing to afford the rigs required to set up a temperature and lighting controlled greenhouse.

Since people developed the technology to control the climate inside the climate within our homes, there have been stoners developing tactics to grow this superb herb indoors. Once you’ve ironed out the preferences for the specific strain of cannabis you are growing, then it should be easy to match this environment precisely in your grow room or grow tent. Something else to consider is the small cost of purchasing an automated system to relieve the stress on the grower for being so precise. Light timers are a very basic necessity and do not add a huge expense to your indoor weed room. Automatic watering systems and humidistat controls are a little more costly but can make your plants much happier in the long run.

When i49 customers buy marijuana seeds to grow indoors, this may very well be the first time they have ever attempted to grow a real cannabis plant from seed. If you have grown a single plant outdoors or have visited a friend’s grow-room set up, you will likely have at least a vague idea of what the cannabis growth cycle looks like. Growing indoors is very similar to growing outdoors. For the newcomers to cannabis cultivation, let’s give a quick overview of the different life-cycle stages that your indoor plants will go through.

Blue Cheese – Both pest and mold resistant, this high-yielding indica-dominant strain grows well in small spaces and under all forms of indoor lighting. With celebrity-level parents like UK cheese and Blueberry, how could this strain not be a winner?

Cinderella99 x Blueberry Feminized

Choosing indoor seeds instead of outdoor weed seeds will help set indoor growers up for success before germination has even started. If you see a strain listed in both categories in our online catalogue, that means the strain thrives in both indoor grows and outdoor environments as well. Some examples of these strains are Gorilla Glue #4, Auto Northern Lights, and Purple Kush Fem. If you would like to purchase a 10 pack of the aforementioned strains and then grow half inside and half outside, that could prove to be a very telling experiment. The result will either show which of your set-ups was the most grow-friendly or at least show you where your knack lies for the future and where to focus your energy and spending when it comes to expanding your growing space.

A deliciously fruity strain tailor-made for the medical marijuana community.

I49 online seed bank is an industry leader in selection and customer care. We have friendly knowledgeable staff who can help answer your questions by phone or email and help make online payments smooth and secure. We stock popular THC seeds used for extracts and edibles as well as high CBD seeds for indoor medical grows. If you are using autoflower or feminized seeds from, you know that you are getting what you pay for in terms of quality, viability, and reliability.

It’s energizing high is more likely to leave you wired than sleepy, so smoking shortly before bedtime is not recommended.