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indoor cannabis seeds uk

Choosing a grow room is like choosing a first car, you can look at all the brand-new, expensive cars that you want but the reality is you will only have so much to spend and not want to make too much of an investment on the off chance you decide growing isn’t for you. Firstly, you need to to look at the space you are working with. Do you have a tent, a closet or an entire room? Naturally, your expenditure will vary depending on the size of grow you want to do. A tent is a cheap and effective way to do your first grow and even if you have access to an entire room, in certain instances it is better for you to have one large or multiple smaller tents within the room.

Generally not very expensive, a lot of people use the soil available in their yard and enrich it using their own combination of fertilizers or buy a bag of commercial growing soil such as Fox Farm, for instance.

About George Seeds

While growing cannabis indoors is a great hobby, please ensure that you have considered the following:

The general cost of growing outdoors is almost always less than growing indoors; you would need just a few things:


All indoor cannabis seeds can also be cultivated outdoors, as long as the environment is sufficiently warm and sunny.

Any of these seeds is capable of producing top-quality crops indoors if the lighting, ventilation, tidiness and cleanliness conditions are just perfect. As important as the use of adequate lamps is the ability to control them using timers that regulate the daily hours of light and of darkness each seed needs.


This section features a selection of marijuana seeds that, given their morphological and growth characteristics, offer great results indoors. All of them are perfectly suited to indoor growing spaces equipped with lamps that mimic natural light.

Most of the genetics regarded as suitable for growing indoors are Indica-dominant. Pure Sativas or Landrace Sativas are not adequate since they have a long flowering phase and easily run out of space within the growing tent. Although autoflowering marijuana plants are a great option too, their XXL versions are best grown outdoors.

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