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ilgm seeds review

They have a good section on pest control.
Other sections looked handy as well.

Never made any purchases there.


Good genetics. if they ever really send them or make it to your door. I got nothing but 1 pack of many that I ordered and a lot of talk, excuses & promises between. Long story short, I had to chase my cash for over 4 months. It wasnt until I became a thorn in their side before they refunded.
Their stealth is garbage and laughable at best. I dont make a habit of getting on here dissing folks or companies. but these poop stains at ILGM deserve nothing less. Unless you are in the NL, save your cash or buy elsewhere.

Cant go wrong with these guys if in the States:

They seem to run a decent show and have a significant following. It’s not likely they tired to RIP you off on purpose.

However, I believe that the real reason that ILGM seeds are so expensive is that they offer such a premium service.

If you’re concerned about privacy, this is the next safest option.

ILGM Coupon Codes

Of course, they carry far more than this in case you’re looking to produce a plant with specific terpenes in mind.

I Love Growing Marijuana sells some of my favorite auto-flowering seeds on the market.

Finally, Bergman decided to put out a growing guide for those to enjoy. From there, he started embracing the business side of things and started selling seeds online.