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Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

Medical Strains I Love Growing Marijuana is a firm supporter of the medical use of cannabis. We’ve selected some of the best strains to support the treatment you need. High THC Guaranteed to blow your mind! Our High THC selection is perfect for those seeking some strong effects! Or try our Extreme THC strains. If you dare. Beginner Seeds For those just starting out we selected strains that are relatively easy to grow. Find the best autoflower and novice strains here. High Yield Our high yielding section contains the best cash crops we could come across.

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As expected, the weed aficionado received a massive following on his blog – people who wanted to know how to grow marijuana and access high-quality seeds.

Their blog is an informative hub of all things weed. And their forum is the place to be whenever you’re stuck in your marijuana-growing journey.

A good chunk of customers are satisfied with their purchases from ILGM seed bank – based on online reviews. This helps prove the reliability of the company, at least when it comes to delivery, seed quality, customer service, etc.

Is ILGM Legal?

Still, if you’re having second thoughts.

All of ILGM’s autoflowering seeds are feminized, unlike most of the seed banks out there. This couldn’t be more convenient as feminized weed seeds are the most sought-after option by weed growers worldwide.

This company also ships worldwide, which’s a bonus if you’re residing outside of the US or Australia – the only spots ILGM currently ships to.

Delivery is discreet. ILGM employs stealth shipping practices where they hide your seeds in things like ball pens, CDs, or toys