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We offer, among others, the following Cannabis seeds:

Depending on the space you have available you can choose between species that flourish best outdoors or in an enclosed space. Outdoor strands usually grow a lot bigger, thrive best in a natural habitat and are very robust. Indoor seeds are specifically convenient if one does not have a lot of space for the cultivation. Both types germinate particularly well indoors, safe from temperature drops or other environment changes. If you are looking to buy Marijuana for indoor growth, we recommend Big Bud, Amnesia, or White Widow. They are the bestsellers in our online shop. Indoor species like a steady temperature and humidity level and their growth and blooming can easily be influenced by regulating the lighting times.

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Other categories that have been favored by our customers are auto-flowering seeds as well as seeds used in medical treatments.

At High Supplies you can buy cannabis seeds comfortably online – always at the best prices. We sell premium marijuana seeds as a trademark and don’t feel the need to ask our customers for a minimum purchase. Take your time and poke around our page. We are looking forward to your order.

Established in 2006, High Supplies has been cultivating a love for cannabis culture as well as cannabis seeds. We offer over 50 different varieties of marijuana seeds.

In 2019, the assortment of seeds grown have changed and so have the catalog of High-supplies. They now have a collection of cultivated and original strains that are different from feminized to regular and to Sativa and indica kinds. The company makes sure that the customer gets the correct information on every new strain by testing the strain at home by a cannabis expert.

High Supplies knows the intention of the customer and offer a variety of cannabis seeds so that the growers of this plant can easily cross and create a different strain or just keep the strain available as they receive.

What Does High-Supplies Sell?

Another great thing about High Supplies is that their cannabis seeds are always fresh! They are never purchased as bulk material, as a result, you’ll always get great quality seeds which are assessed before they are shipped to you. This is why the company guarantees that only the highest quality seeds are delivered to your doorstep.

Easy to Find What You Are Looking for

Every package sent from High Supplies is completely anonymous. This means that nothing else other than your name and address is mentioned on the package. The package itself also looks like a standard packaged good you would otherwise receive from Amazon or other online retailers.