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herbies single seeds

Third time using this company. Good selection and prices. Fast shipping. I can recommend without hesitation.

I received superb customer service from Herbies. I ordered March 28,and I received my order today. Quick and discreet. I called Herbies and was speaking to an actual person, that is unheard of in todays day and age. My questions were answered and dealt with in a quick, polite, and efficient manner. THANK-YOU, Herbies!

Herbies Head Shop is listed as "green" at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank. Btw. This shop is connected with the SeedFinder, you can find prices and offers for 2974 strains at our pages!

smk54 United States, January 2018

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Just a great seed vendor. Big Up.

Amazing service NDD Love it!

Have used Herbies many times including since moving to Spain

For foreign customers, the delivery time will of course be longer, but certainly not drive you crazy about waiting. Delivery times vary between regions of the world.

Besides, there are many other social networking channels such as Instagram (@herbiesheadshop_com), Facebook (Herbies News), Twitter (@HerbiesSeeds). Their Youtube channel is called “Herbies Seeds”.

Besides these strains, Herbies are also known for picking mix seeds. There is also an interesting option for growers.

Some famous cannabis strains of Herbies Seeds (Must try)

It is with those successful sales that they today have become one of the largest online cannabis seed shops where you can find any of your favorite strains there. There is no reason that a seed shop with no quality, no guarantee, no credibility can last for decades and serve a lot of customers, right.

If you are unable to decide the type of bonus seed, this seed shop will randomly choose for you.

Herbies Seeds design a website with many cool features that you will enjoy when you experience it. They have a chatbox that pops up as soon as they enter the site, which makes it easier for customers to reach the Herbies Seeds team, but it also makes many people feel uncomfortable.

And for other regions of the world, the delivery time will be about 7-10 days. Of course, the delivery time does not include holidays.

As of this moment, my money has disappeared from my account but my order has been canceled. No answer from 20+ phone calls to customer service

Great stealth and it reached before schedule in the other hemisphere .. thank you herbies for the goodies.

Money gone, order canceled

Thank you for the review. That's so great to know that you find our service, selection of products and product quality convenient. We wish you best of luck with your hobby, and we'll be happy to see you again at Herbies!

Thank you very much for the review. We are so encouraged to hear that you're happy with our product and service. We wish you best of luck with your hobby and hope to see you again soon

We're grateful to you as well, thank you for the feedback. It is important to know you're pleased with our shipping time, ordering process and customer servic. We're waiting to see you at Herbies again soon