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Nevertheless, some of the top breeders that GYO Seeds claims to stock seeds from (even though GYO is not listed as an authorized dealer on many of these breeder sites, as another review pointed out) include: Greenhouse Seeds, Spliff Seeds, Strain Hunters, Sweet Seeds, Dutch Passion, Nirvana Seeds, Humboldt, Blimburn Certified, Fast Buds, Bomb Seeds, Barneys Farm, Seedsman, Dr Krippling, and 00 Seeds.

The seeds may or may not arrive in their original breeder packaging, another red flag for those concerned about seed authenticity.

Seed Selection at GYO Seedbank

The reason that GYO Seedbank is reluctant to admit that they run multiple seed bank brands is likely because there is little reason to do so for seed banks that are operating on the up and up.

The unfortunate thing is that none of these seed banks have a particularly stellar reputation. Bonza is not bad, but any good reputation it has mostly comes from the fact that it’s been in business for years and years, rather than from any great feats of product quality, customer service, or any other merits.

Seed Selection at GYO Seedbank seems to be quite vast, though it would be pretty easy to list a ton of different strains and only deliver a few, if the reviews about seed swapping are correct.

At first glance, the eye-catching graphics on give it the look of an interesting and fun site to shop. But each page is cluttered with so many pictures and text that it quickly gets overwhelming to sift through and zero in on what you’re looking for. However, a particularly nice feature of the site is the footer shopping cart, where buyers can quickly reference which items are in the cart, the cash value of any available loyalty points, and what their running cash total due will be at checkout. All prices on are listed in Canadian dollars.

In addition to its loyalty points program, GYO Seedbank offers a membership club option for repeat customers. The perks of joining GYO Club include free tracked shipping on every order, a replacement guarantee, first access to new products, a 10% discount on all purchases, a 50% higher Eucalyptus Points payout awarded for each purchase, and a free GYO t-shirt. You’ll also be gifted up to 40,000 Eucalyptus Points when you join.

GYO Website Design and Navigation

GYO Seedbank does boast a very large selection of seeds and strains to choose from, with over 2,500 strains from over 70 breeders listed on its website. However, the quality of GYO’s genetics has a track record of being inconsistent at best.

Unfortunately, customer service is another area in which GYO Seedbank has considerable room for improvement. For starters, GYO’s customer service team is difficult to get ahold of via telephone, email, or the live chat option on its site. Response times are often unreasonably long and the responses themselves not particularly helpful.

It is worth noting that some links on redirect shoppers to Homegrown Cannabis Company’s website. While these two sites are part of the same company, unsuspecting buyers may find it disconcerting to be abruptly redirected. It is also somewhat troubling that the links to several important pages on, including the FAQ page, appear to be permanently broken.