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growing cannabis seeds in rockwool

seedlings in them you would not have to water for about a week maybe longer.

germinate them them move them to the rock wool cubes

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germinate them them move them to the rock wool cubes

It’s easy:
get 2 paper towels
fold them in half together
place the seeds in-between the folded area
dampen the paper towel (damp, not dripping, but not too dry either)
place the damp paper towel with seeds in a ziploc bag
put them somewhere dark for a couple days

i have a Hydro set up also so i have been starting seedlings in rockwool for years.

If you’re growing a photoperiod plant, you’ll need to switch your light cycle to 12 hours on and 12 hours off to force them to flower. If you’re growing outdoors, nature will take care of this for you. Keep autoflowering varieties on a light cycle of 18 hours on and 6 hours off if growing indoors.

Rockwool cubes provide a haven for seeds during germination. By keeping them sufficiently saturated, they provide the three key demands required for successful germination: darkness, moisture, and warmth.

However, if you’re trying to grow cannabis as cheaply as possible, you can probably squeeze another plant or two out of the same Rockwool cube. First, you’ll need to submerge it in boiling water to kill off lurking pathogens dislodged from the previous root system.

1. Don’t Overwater

Hydroponic growers often start things off with clones to speed up the growing process. Many soil growers use this method as well. Fortunately, cuttings root extremely well in Rockwool cubes. Use the technique below to get a head start.

Technically, no. Because Rockwool contains no organic material, microbes such as fungi and bacteria won’t break it down in the same way they would food scraps, leaves, and twigs.

Great for germination

Shred your used Rockwool cubes into fine strips before adding them to your compost pile to speed up the rate at which they release minerals into the soil.