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growing cannabis seeds in a propagator

If you are going to grow hydroponically, use the rock wool cubes.

To use this means of germinating cannabis seeds, you will need:

quick facts:

temps: 21-25
humidity: 85%
water: pH 5.8

For many indoor cannabis growers, and especially those who grow hydroponically, “Granny’s method” (or the airing cupboard means) does not suit either their style (that of creating a scientifically controlled environment) or their growing medium (rockwool). To provide the optimum conditions for marijuana seed germination, it is important to:

If you are taking growing marijuana seedlings seriously, and know that you are going to be producing crops rotationally, it might be worth investing in a propagation tent. Read our review of 2 of the best here

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The best conditions for cannabis seedlings are a bright, warm (21-23ºC) and humid environment with moving air.

Don’t know what to choose, I’m also thinking about the Bat Cool Tube (125-x-490mm) … I would be glad for any opinions ☺️


Seems like every grower has their own ideas so much so that I find my ownb pattern which changes with every grow with every plant

I had bad experiences with lights, they were to strong, now I am looking at wing reflectors which are quite practical and it says they don’t burn the plants (if properly installed ofcourse)

Godetevi il blog!

The simplest form of propagator would be a waterproof box with clear plastic sheeting over the top. The advantage of shop-bought propagators is that they often have built-in heating and/or vents in the cover to allow temperature and humidity regulation. They also usually allow more light to reach the seedlings.