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free cannabis seeds samples no purchase

Still, there are many cannabis seed banks online that sell cheap cannabis seeds at very reasonable prices without sacrificing plant quality. Here we discuss the best marijuana seeds to buy in terms of seed type and the most trusted brands.

The simple fact is that many growers know what they want, having done their own research, and are willing to pay slightly more for a specific strain with a good reputation.

Best Cheap Seed Banks by Price

For instance, for THC the peak is about 35 percent (dry weight) or less. For CBD, the peak is about 25 percent or less. For strains with both THC and CBD, the limits may also be less than the highest possible peak.

Technically speaking, seeds are not illegal in cannabis-banned states, unless they come germinated. Still, it’s not unheard of for post offices to seize seed packages, though this is usually the result of cheap shipping.

On average, the price of a single seed is between $4 and $9. Quality and type can also influence the price. Autoflower seeds and feminized seeds also sell at a higher price than regular seeds.

Now, giving out marijuana samples for business and product promotion is not entirely legal everywhere. In some states, you can’t ask a local dispensary for free weed samples , since it’s illegal to give free weed to recreational customers.

You can also get free hemp CBD flower samples, which will provide you with the same flavor as marijuana without getting you high.

Free Legal Weed Samples with a COVID-19 Vaccine

Walled Lake marijuana dispensary was offering one free pre-roll for every customer that received a COVID-19 vaccine. The program is called “Pot for Shots,“ which was intended to raise awareness in the fight against coronavirus .

Seedsman has several amazing free marijuana seeds promotions at the moment.

Participate in research, help science, and get some fine weed in turn. Some research studies will even pay you to participate!