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free cannabis seeds no purchase

Dutchfem is the best Dutch cannabis seeds company founded by experienced Dutch seed growers in the Netherlands. Available are autoflowering seeds, which bloom automaticly and after 8-9 weeks result in a plant that’s ripe for harvest, or medicinal CBD seeds for comercial licensed hemp growers. All Seeds are feminized, so customers would not need to remove any males when trying to keep the females. The plants are free of both parasites and pesticides, while high quality is emphasized by the company.

Order marijuana seeds from your favourite cannabis seeds bank, and receive FREE cannabis seeds, Grinder, Lighter, Smoking Paper, FilterTips, Boveda, Easy Start Plugs, Pen, Cap and a Dutchfem T-shirt with your purchase!

Let me know your favorite places to get free seeds in the comments 🙂

ILGM doesn’t offer free seeds with every order, however, if you buy 10 seeds they give you a whopping 10 free seeds on top of that.

Spend £30 and receive one feminized Durban Poison cannabis seed

What If My Free Seeds Don’t Germinate

It’s a great way to discover strains that you might not otherwise buy.

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a trusted seed bank based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Location: London, UK
Shipping: Worldwide

Spend £60 and also receive one feminized Northern Lights cannabis seed

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