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feminized sativa seeds

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For ages, the Sativa found use as a recreational drug and as an industrial raw material. The thin long leaves and stem delivers an uplifting effect and a mind high that helps you focus and get through the day.

How to Grow Cannabis Sativa Seeds at home

Light and more light . Young cannabis plants require a constant burst of light to grow quickly and strong. Usually in its vegetative stages, young cannabis plants require as much as 18 hours of light to achieve maximum growth rates.

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Physical Structure: While the Sativa is characterized by long stems with thin leaves, the Indica is short, sturdy with broad leaves. The Indica strain is dark-green with full resinous buds; the Sativa on the other hand is a lighter shade of green with less dense buds.

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Here are some of our most popular indoor feminized strain seeds:

The sativa marijuana seeds on this page are feminized. As feminized seeds produce female cannabis plants, it means that they also produce buds. Growers can therefore cultivate as many strains as they need, often within a short timeframe or with limited space.

Durban Poison Feminized – Imported from South Africa and produced in Holland, this plant is exclusively inbred, never hybridized and 100 per cent sativa. It boasts large, long bud leaves, and the buds themselves are also large and long, with lots of resin.

Neville’s Haze Feminized – A combination of the original Haze – an almost psychedelic tropical sativa – with one quarter Northern Lights – a powerful, heavy-hitting indica. The result is a tall, thick-budding plant with a truly out-of-this-world high.

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Golden Nugget Feminized – This strain produces huge, compact buds which have a golden sheen when harvested. The smoke is deep and tasty with a long lasting stone that could be beneficial in the medical scene.

Look out for some fantastic deals on feminized sativa marijuana seeds, where you can get as much as 50% off some incredible strains of weed. Our feminized sativa range will continue to be updated as new and exciting strains catch our attention, so make sure you keep checking back.