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feminized cannabis seeds california

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What Are the Different Types of Marijuana Seeds?

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Growing cannabis at home in California has never been easier to get started with WSUSA. Simply visit our site, add some seeds to your cart and then checkout and your marijuana seeds will ship within 48 hours in an unmarked package via USPS.

California has a long, colorful history with weed dating back to the 1700s when the magic leaf was cultivated for rope and clothing. It wasn’t until the 1800s following the Mexican revolution that marijuana farming was resurrected in the state, and farmhands from the south taught Americans that cheeba could be smoked too!

What are the laws around Recreational Use in CA?

Since 2016 with the passing of Proposition 64, recreational cannabis use is legal in California. This doesn’t mean you can light up anywhere you want and some etiquette is required.

Just like any other seed, germinating CBD Seeds can be done in a variety of ways. The paper towel method, seed starter blocks, or planting straight into their growing medium, are some options for germinating seeds, however, the question remains why CBD seeds?

Fast forward nearly 100 years and, by 1950, it was reported that over half of the college populations in the country had tried marijuana or smoked it regularly and that it played an important role in forming their lives in general. The ‘60s brought a deeper penchant for pot through the flower power and hippie movements of the late sixties. The Hippie Highway saw the migration of marijuana into Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties, forming what is known as the Emerald Triangle. This area became famous, not only for growing weed but for creating what is known in Spanish as sinsemilla or without seeds. Understanding the importance of rooting out the males in a crop led to the Emerald Triangle supplying weed to over 40% of cannabis consuming Californians by the late sixties and to 60% of the entire country by the turn of the ’70s.