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female marijuana seeds for sale

The dedicated team at I49 Seed Bank USA has made the online shopping portal as easy to navigate as possible. To access our selection of feminized seeds visit the seed catalogue at Each of our indoor feminized seed strains or outdoor feminized seed strains comes with a thorough explanation of the effects you can expect to feel when you smoke it, as well as detailed growing specs and flavor profiles. If you want to know more about other customers’ experiences using these strains start by asking your stoner friends and then seek out the opinions at some online weed forums or cannabis review blogs.

The I49 Seed Bank allows you to buy feminized cannabis seeds online. Our feminized marijuana seeds are perfect for your home grow show or commercial garden. Why waste all your time with male plants when all you want is that fruitful female plant? We have tried and tested suppliers that combine the latest feminizing technology with the traditional high-quality strain standards to deliver a truly superior feminized cannabis seed for sale. Whether you buy three seeds from us or three thousand seeds, we will take care to package your order in a discreet and delicate way so that you can get growing as soon as possible. Whether you grow indoor feminized seeds or outdoor feminized seeds, we know that time is of the essence. Order your feminized seeds today by telephone or email and your feminized plants can start their way to a fruitful future of cannabinoid manufacturing.

Cerebral high? Check. Fast-growing? Check. Healing effects of CBD? All checks across the board!

CBD Black Domina 1 to 1 Feminized

Another huge topic of interest going forward in the growing weed for sale market is the world of terpenes. Seasoned cannabis connoisseurs are looking for not jus the strongest weed, but also the tastiest. Terpenes are the scent=producing lipid molecules that really set each strain apart in terms of flavor. Soon we will see strains of feminized seeds containing the most potent mix of flavor combinations. Imagine the colorful combinations you can create when mixing the following complementary flavors:

Humans have been cultivating cannabis for thousands of years, as evidence by findings in ancient tombs in Asia. These strains were certainly not the same high-THC varieties that we appreciate today, but certainly had an important role to play in cultural ceremonies and medicinal uses as well. Farming and propagating plants comes with a ton of knowledge gained through observation, so although cannabis growers in 500 B.C. may not have fully understood the principles of cellular genetics, they would have very likely known the difference between male and female plants and their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Flowering Stage – This will be the most interesting stage for growers to watch and be a part of, especially if you have never grown cannabis yourself before. This stage will see a moderate increase in height, but most of the female plant’s energy will be applied to bud formation. As a result, a shift of nutrients is required to support the needs of the growing buds. Reduce Nitrogen levels and increase both Phosphorous (which can increase the number of flowers) and Potassium (which can help increase the bulk and weight of flowers). Pest control is going to be of apex importance right now, as things like aphids or spider mites can reap havoc on your prized buds. Growers should be aware that the scent of your growing ganja plants will undoubtedly be getting stronger and stronger throughout the flowering phase as the trichome-rich buds begin to ripen.

Things to Consider when growing Feminized Seeds Indoors

Whether you’re an adrenaline junky or need the extra motivation to get the ball rolling, it’s time to meet Durban Poison — your soon-to-be favorite sativa-dominant feminized seed strain for your indoor or outdoor cannabis garden.

You don’t need a lot of space to grow Super Silver Haze, but it does grow quite tall so make sure you have enough vertical clearance in your grow space. The height of this plant can give successful growers up to 500 grams of product per square meter during harvest.

#11 Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds

After 9-10-weeks, the Jack Herer seed strain offers ounces and ounces of top-shelf and award winning buds. From bottle-size flowers to snow-like trichome coverage, the Jack Herer seed strain is guaranteed to impress.

Cannabis cultivators worldwide should always have a heavy-hitting indica strain in the garden. If you’ve been searching for the best indica-dominant hybrid that checks all the boxes — look no further than Purple Kush feminized seeds.

The real kicker of the Girl Scout Cookies seed strain lies in its terpene and cannabinoid profile. From dank dough to nose-curling spice, Girl Scout Cookies flowers are as good as it gets.