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This is the autoflowering, high-CBD version of the famous La Rica genetics, with all her fruity aromas and taste. It’s a medium-sized plant with a wide structure and thick, woody branches. Its buds are very voluminous, hard and compact. La Rica – Autoflowering CBD has a fast life cycle and it can be ready for harvest in about eight weeks from germination. A tasty and quick CBD strain with CBD up to 11% and THC at 9%.

Elite Seeds specialists conduct research and analysis on the cannabinoid content in their strains using HPLC technologies in their laboratory at the University of Valencia. This method guarantees on a scientific basis the content quantity and stability of all distributed varieties.

With Mota Khan Afghana by Elite Seeds, the Spanish expert breeders bring us all the goodies of a genuine first-grade Afghani for an extremely satisfying smoke that only a true Afghani can deliver. With a sweet and spicy flavour profile like that of the world’s best hash and an awesome effect, Mota Khan Afghana sure won’t disappoint!

La Rica – Autoflowering CBD

Llimonet Haze Classic THC by Elite Seeds is a wonderfully tasting Sativa dominant strain that beautifully blends fruity notes with oriental spice notes into a superply eclectic flavour profile. With 19% of THC, this Sativa makes for a potent, cerebral and uplifting effect. Growers will love her natural resistance to pests and cannabis diseases.

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The Elite Seeds breeders soon understood the importance of certifying the exact potential quantity of cannabinoids for each different genetic. Their own process of breeding and cross-breeding strains has always been focused on obtaining precise and consistent levels of active compounds.

This autoflowering, high CBD version can quickly grow to a medium or tall size, and it takes just nine weeks to complete its life cycle. It is resistant to pests and diseases, and it has shown to be very strong at low temperatures. This autoflowering strain preserves all the aromas and taste of the classic Llimonet, producing up to 8% CBD and 7% THC.

Furthermore Elite Seeds is the first seed bank to develop strains with pretty much only CBD (Solodiol photoperiod and autos), a strain with high THCV and THC only (Novarine), one with only CBDV and CBD (Sedativa) and finally a strain with near equal ratios of THCV, THC, CBDV and CBD (Quatrovarin). With these exciting developments its medical marijuana programme is second to none.

The scientific methods employed are underpinned by the founders’ long-held dedication to cannabis especially with respect to cultivation, having opened Valencia’s very first grow-shop, Kanopia, in 1999. The knowledge and understanding of its founders has resulted in the ability to create strains with specific cannabinoid profiles, some with high-THC for a potent psycho-active effect, high-CBD low-THC strains with no such effect or those with a balance of each to deliver a more calm and lucid effect.

Elite Seeds was founded in 2007 by a team of Spanish university graduates qualified in such subjects as plant genetics and breeding, agricultural science and biotechnology. With its own laboratory in the University of Valencia Science Park Elite Seeds is ideally positioned to pursue its particular interest to breed strains of cannabis that emphasise certain cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, THCV and CBDV which all have specific medicinal properties.

High-THC strains include La Rica THC, Llimonet Haze THC, Mota Khan Afghani and Banana Joint. CBD-rich strains include Llimonet Classical CBD, La Rica CBD Auto, Llimonet Haze CBD Auto and Amnesia Ultra CBD.

All Elite Seeds come packed in attractive, collectable key-chain tins with various designs which are perfect for transporting and for storage as well as making excellent stash tins.

La Rica Auto CBD is the automatic and CBD-rich version of the feminised La Rica by Elite Seeds, a cannabis strain that stands out for its spectacular fruity flavor. With 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, La Rica Auto CBD keeps the main features of the original La [. ]

Elite 47 Auto from Elite Seeds enters Alchimia’s catalog to please all lovers of the feminized version of Elite 47, now with a much shorter flowering period. This genetics comes from the cross between Elite 47 – a hybrid of two AK47 marijuana plants [. ]

Elite Seeds have used innovative techniques like in vitro culture, and has been testing different ways to reverse the sex of female plants. Potency, disease resistance or flavor are some of the main objectives for these breeders, who have been awarded at major events like Cannabis Champions Cup or High Life Cup.

Mota Khan Afghana – Elite Seeds – Elite Seeds

La Katana from Elite Seeds is a fast-flowering marijuana strain that develops huge and compact buds with a very strong psychoactive effect and a delicious flavour. This Critical Plus and Llimonet Haze hybrid develops a large main stem surrounded by [. ]

Alchimia Grow Shop is pleased to present Sologerol CBG Auto by Elite Seeds, an AutoFem strain with high CBG levels and THC-free. Sologerol CBG Auto, cannabigerol rich and THC-free Sologerol CBG Auto is a 60/40 Sativa Indica hybrid with a secret lin [. ]

We invite you to discover here the autoflowering version of the acclaimed Solodiol Clasica by Elite seeds, a CBD strain with less than 1% THC content. Now available in Alchimiaweb’s catalogue of AutoFem seeds. This strain is highly appreciated by me [. ]

Elite Seeds presents here the new version of Amnesia Haze, with shorter flowering period and milder effect, too intense for many cannabis users. Now available in Alchimiaweb’s catalog of feminized seeds. Amnesia Haze Ultra CBD is a hybrid that retai [. ]