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dutch cannabis seed banks

They have a great variety of seeds, so on this occasion we will highlight for you the best known and sought after:

– Sativa Super Lemon Haze of Green House: lemon-scented marijuana? That’s the most characteristic property of this cannabis strain, whose flavor also has that particularity. Parallelly, they have developed flavors of grapefruit, lime and other fruits. With this seed they won the “best strain of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2008” award.

TH Seeds

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They were the pioneers in introducing species that weren’t well known in Europe, especially from the United States. They specialize in feminized and regular seeds.

They have a wide variety of hemp products and their hybrid cannabis seeds are of excellent quality. Among its most outstanding products we can name Jock Horror (Nirvana) feminized, Haze 1 feminized, Wonder Woman feminized, Auto Bubblelicious feminized, etc.

DNA Genetics is arguably the leading cup collector in the cannabis community. They spent decades researching their cannabis strains and were really successful. This seed bank’s well-known strains of cannabis are also popular in many regions.

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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has over 10 years of experience in the cannabis market. Although a decade is not too long, it is enough for them to understand what customers need and want. This seed bank contains hundreds of different strains of cannabis of uniform quality.

#11 DNA Genetics Cannabis Seeds – Largest Cannabis strains with constant award winners

Soma Seeds was founded by Soma, a man who has been passionate about cannabis for more than 45 years. He studied every aspect of the cannabis plant and put all of his heart and love to create Soma Seeds, where he was able to bond with this divine plant.

However, customers should note that Sensi Seeds only supply seeds to customers in the European region. So customers in other regions who want to buy seeds from Sensi Seeds can find their own official retailers.

The cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion Seeds are carefully selected to ensure the seeds are of uniform quality and to provide the best customer experience. Founded in 1987, their collection is also very strong and is considered the top seed stockpile today.

Furthermore, Royal Queen Seeds staff actually selects and checks the seeds daily to make sure the seeds are of the best quality when they reach the customers. Their customer service has also been positively rated. They are all quite enthusiastic and helpful every time the customer needs it.