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Ive also started an instagram: @ChadBroChillin

Im looking to do a journal from seed to harvest of these white widows, I want to see what this under current dwc can do. Ive owned a hydroponics store in the past, ive had tomato’s in something similar in our show. I knew gear but i didnt know shit about growing really, the tomatos were fine but they could have been so much more.. Ive since learned a lot and am looking forward to making some killer fucking weed! I only want top shelf buds around here!

I have a 4×8 tent with two 1000w lights in air cooled hoods, cooled by an infinity t6. I have another Infinity t6 hooked up to the filter extracting. Its in my cool basement, 15c and 55% humidity. I have the fans exhausting outdoors through a window panel; however I have the ability to unhook the light exhaust and vent into my basement or even into the tent itself should it ever require more heat or less humidity.

Im going with Cropkings white widow for my first run. I ordered some Ethos Morokan Kush but my order got forgotten for 3 weeks or so until i called wondering where it was. They no longer have the Kush so Im getting the Crescendo x1 whenever that manages to get here (ive been assured of some freebies as well).

Thank you and please feel free to ask question, suggestions or just chat to be honest im quite bored these days since falling down a mountain, recovery has been slow and this is one of the main reasons ive decided to start growing, give myself a chill hobby that can make me some money and supply my weed and an opportunity to build community.

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CropKing emphasizes service, quality, and competitive pricing, and we are the only full service hydroponic company in the U.S. that offers a full range of services from Two Day Grower Workshops, Grower’s Manuals, Training DVDs, and technical assistance. We know the importance of not only supplying high-quality hydroponic products, but also offering the superior technical support necessary to help our growers succeed.

CropKing has specialized in the business of controlled environment agriculture and hydroponic growing since 1982. We are a manufacturer and distributor of commercial greenhouse structures, hydroponic growing equipment, and supplies. CropKing recommends two basic types of hydroponic growing systems for the commercial grower; the Bato Bucket System for vine type, fruiting crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers and the NFT Gutter System for smaller leaf type crops such as herbs and lettuces. CropKing manufactures controlled environment greenhouse structures that are designed for efficiency with hydroponic growing systems. The ideal greenhouse structures for growing pesticide free crops are “closed” units so that all of the outdoor air is filtered before entering the greenhouse. Our insect exclusion room and double entry help to keep 99% of the pests from ever entering your greenhouse without impeding air flow.

CropKing wants to be your Agribusiness partner. Whether you’re looking to learn about hydroponics or need hydroponic supplies, we are here to assist. If you don’t find the answers to your questions on our website, please call us at 330-302-4203 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

The company accepts most major credit cards, along with Interac-E Transfers for Canadian residents. They ship to all countries around the world where cannabis is acceptable, along with most U.S. states. They offer free shipping on orders over $200.

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Cropkings offers a diverse array of seeds. Their partnerships with a wide range of breeders yields an incredible number of options that consumers from all over can use. Their product line includes:

Customers that want to grow more than one kind of seed are in luck. CropKings sells packs of varieties that include auto seeds and feminized seeds. These packs are especially helpful for those looking to grow low-maintenance, high-yield crops. You can choose between seeds from White Widow, Purple Kush, and more. There are packs of 5,10, and 25 available.

What Else Should I Know About CropKings? A Closer Look

Customers that worry about male plants colonizing their cannabis gardens can purchase CropKing’s inventory of feminized seeds. These seeds are potent, effective, and, most of all, feminized to ensure a simple cultivation process.

If you’re a beginner grower, autoflowering seeds may be a great option. Autoflowering types grow each year automatically, making breeding less of a hassle. CropKings has a large selection of these strains. There are 5, 10, and 25-packs of seeds available. From Northern Lights to Amnesia strains, there is a seed for every growing need.

There are regular seeds for growers with a bit of experience, who are savvy and have no real preference. These seeds vary and have unique, growing needs and challenges. And since these seeds aren’t optimized, growers may also have additional difficulties, including dealing with male plants.

If you want to grow a cannabis seed as quickly as possible, CropKing’s fast version variety is your best bet. We love that these seeds have a high turnaround. This can be especially helpful in areas where warm seasons are short. These seeds don’t have as wide a range as their other varieties, but they are potent with a high yield.

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