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choosing cannabis seeds

Even if your seed sprouts fast and grows vigorously, it still has roughly a 50/50 chance of being female and producing buds, instead of turning out to be a male.

For the typical homegrower, it may be easier to obtain cannabis seeds rather than clones. Growing from seed can produce a stronger plant with more solid genetics.

Most seeds that you will buy are regular seeds as described above, but here are a couple more types.

Time to germinate

Many marijuana growers start autoflowers early in the season, and at a different time than a regular crop, so keep the season and climate in mind when growing and harvesting—your plants still need warmth to grow, and rain can give them bud rot. Consider growing in a greenhouse to protect them.

Some varieties of cannabis can produce male parts alongside female flowers on the same plant, especially if exposed to environmental stressors. These plants are known as hermaphrodites, and sometimes they can self-pollinate to create seeds.

Remember, once a seed germinates, the real work begins. Sexing, selecting, vegetative growth, flowering, and the eventual harvest all lie ahead.

These are referred to as “bagseeds” and whether or not you can grow one will depend on where it came from.

This part is a little more fun to consider; what does your dream cannabis look like? Do you want a strain to help you find relief from certain symptoms, or to act as inspiration for some fun times ahead? Do you appreciate an energising buzz, or prefer to relax on the couch? And then there’s flavour to consider—are fruity strains your thing, or would you rather something more dank and spicy? You get the idea! You can make a “wish list” so you know what to look for when choosing your seeds.

When growing cannabis, the type of seed you choose is also of great importance. There are three types of seeds to select from: regular seeds, feminized photoperiod seeds, and autoflowering seeds.


For the most part, medicinal strains tend to have a good dose of CBD with a mild THC concentration. Ultimately, however, what constitutes “medicinal” cannabis is up to you to decide. If you want to grow medical cannabis, check out these medicinal cannabis seeds.

Below is a comprehensive checklist of the variables to consider as you’re buying your seeds.

Then there are the sativas. These cerebral and energetic strains are known to produce a significant head buzz that is euphoric and uplifting. Some sativas are even described as “psychedelic” due to their effect on cognition. These strains are obviously not ideal if you want to chill or go to sleep, but they make for an excellent smoke before hikes, creative projects, and social endeavours.