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cheap cannabis seeds bulk

Want to buy bulk autoflower weed seeds and bulk feminized weed seeds?

For seeds to foreign countries other rules apply and please contact our customer service.

Buy bulk seeds

We have a wide range of bulk seeds for the best price and the highest quality. We can constantly supply you with seeds with high discounts and many varieties.

We have a RUIM assortment of autoflowering cannabis seeds for sale and also varieties that are not on the site.

To buy the best cannabis strains in Bulk seeds, you can do so at Free seeds online for the best price and the highest quality in the Netherlands.

Every cannabis seed strain is available and comes in multiples of 100 seeds.

The best of both worlds, with much higher germination rates, these plants are ideal for beginners as well as the pros.

It is a simple pricing structure; the more you order the bigger the discount, with savings of up to 55% off the retail cost when you order 500 or more seeds of any single strain. That’s a serious reduction!


Looking for cheap marijuana seeds? Looking to buy big? SAVE UP TO 55% when you buy our wholesale marijuana seeds in bulk. The MSNL wholesale marijuana seeds section opens up our entire catalogue of seeds at wholesale prices. This includes feminized, regular and autoflowering strains which include cannabis cup winners, cult classics and MSNL exclusives. You don’t have to be a retailer or professional to take advantage, these wholesale prices are available to one and all.

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Our wholesale marijuana seeds are already heavily discounted, and we also have other seed promotions going on at MSNL where sometimes the sale prices on a normal pack of 10 seeds may be better than the discount for 100 seeds. If you find the same item on sale at a cheaper price on our website, please email us and we will match that deal and throw in a gift of some extra free seeds.

ARE YOU A SHOP? If you are a retailer or distributor and you are interested in our range, please contact us with your company details and we will provide you with a distributor price list.

The harvest producing female sex of the cannabis plant. These seeds are guaranteed to flower and produce a crop.