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Use this guide to find the best CBD vape for you, all Allure tested and approved. There's something on this list in every dosage and for every budget — plus, learn how to find the best CBD for you. Many people swear by CBD to help with anxiety. While remembering the dangers of vaping is important—as is making sure our pen doesn’t contain THC if you don’t want it to—here are 16 pens to consider.

The 15 Best CBD Vape Pens

With multiple flavors, dosages, and types of pens to choose from, there’s something on this list for you.

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CBD vapes are overtaking the shelves everywhere from high-end cannabis stores to gas stations. You may even see them alongside nicotine vapes, which may make them seem like a tempting alternative to smoking tobacco. Harvard Medical School cannabis specialist Jordan Tishler cautions that there is no evidence supporting using CBD vapes to wean yourself off nicotine ones, but he does say that they are healthier in comparison. “Vaporizing CBD would be better than vaporizing nicotine because it’s non-habit forming and doesn’t affect blood pressure and heart rate like nicotine does,” he tells Allure.

CBD is a cannabinoid, or chemical compound, within the cannabis plant. THC is another cannabinoid; at least 104 have been identified and we are just beginning to learn about their powers. CBD is touted for relieving pain, anxiety, and inflammation, just to name a few of its properties. THC is still banned in most states, so companies selling CBD in non-legal states typically use CBD derived from hemp. Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants, but hemp is historically an industrial plant — used to make textiles, biodegradable plastics, and more — and lacks the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

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In this episode, we’re setting the record straight on one of the most polarizing ingredients out there. Learn what to search for when buying a CBD-infused product. (Runtime: 5 minutes)

Because CBD regulation by the FDA is complicated, there may be unhealthy additives in some products on the market. “Many [CBD products] inadvertently contain heavy metals and pesticides which are bad for you, and some of them contain nasty chemicals,” Tishler says. While the government is still figuring out how to handle cannabis, do your research to make sure you buy a safe product. In legal states, you can buy vapes that contain both THC and CBD, often in ratios that offer much higher CBD with just a little bit of the psychoactive stuff. Some people find a little THC helps the CBD work better, although doctors caution that THC can work even in small amounts. “It’s probably the tiny bit of THC that’s making you feel good,” says Tishler.

THC can be extremely beneficial, but if you don’t want that psychoactivity, opt for a vape containing CBD alone. Some people prefer CBD isolates — which do not contain any of the plant’s other medicinal properties — while other cannabis enthusiasts say “the more the merrier” regarding the chemical makeup of a product. A full spectrum oil contains all the terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids found in cannabis to work together. A broad spectrum means there are some, but not all, of the compounds. So which CBD vape is right for you? We rounded up 15 of our favorites.

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The 16 Best CBD Vape Pens for Anxiety—or When You Just Need to Relax

CBD (cannibidiol) products are becoming increasingly popular due to their reported ability to help with a wide range of ailments and conditions, from inflammation to migraines. Many people also swear by CBD as an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety. One way to get these benefits? By using a CBD vape pen.

CBD pens are available in disposable or refillable varieties. The main differences are convenience and price. Disposable vape pens are more portable and also make it easier for you to try a variety of different types and flavors without spending a fortune.

Some CBD vape pens also contain THC, which is banned in many states—obviously, you should be sure to research the laws in your state before purchasing these products. Also, be aware that vaping can involve health risks and CBD vaping products aren’t regulated by the FDA, so do your research before choosing a CBD vape pen.

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Best Anxiety Pens

1. CBDfx Strawberry Lemonade CBD Vape Pen – $29.99

One of the most popular flavors of the CBDfx line of vape pen offerings, this strawberry lemonade option is “yummy” and “tasty” according to some online reviews. Each pen contains 500mg broad spectrum CBD.

2. AVIDA Blue Razz CBD Vape Pen – $24.99

This vape pen from AVIDA sports the company’s new design that has been totally overhauled to produce a more potent flavor. You get 300mg of CBD per pen. It can help with anxiety, and one user even raved that it also helped get their nail-biting habit under control.

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3. Select CBD Disposable Vape Pen – $25

Select CBD offers vape pens containing a blend of pure hemp-derived isolate extract with an assortment of essential oils, to provide maximum therapeutic benefits. Available in a variety of flavors including grapefruit, spearmint, and lemon.

4. WINK Go Pen – $44

A company that creates products specifically targeted at women, WINK emphasizes this vape pen’s ability to help with pain and anxiety. Available in a range of flavors with names like Bubblewish and Cupcake. Each pen contains 150+mg of hemp oil.

5. Secret Nature Disposable Vape Pen – $35

This vape pen has a luxurious, sophisticated look that implies it is made for those with discriminating taste. The company touts its ability to provide an “authentic cannabis experience” thanks to its pure ingredients. Available in a range of flavors including Mimosa and Forbidden Fruit.

6. Farmacy Bliss Blueberry CBD Vape Pen – $49.99

Farmacy Bliss says the ingredients in this vape pen are extracted from organically grown hemp and free of solvents and additives. Each pen contains 500mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD oil.

7. Kandypens RUBI refillable vape pen – $49.95

This refillable vape pen is tiny and compact, yet delivers powerful performance. It includes a 1mL refillable pod and has an auto shut-off feature.

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