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cannabis seeds review

If you’re on the lookout for reviews of the world’s most trusted seedbanks, you’ll find loads of great information over at Best Seed Bank: An incredible resource, stuffed with loads of impartial comments and reviews which focus on criteria like: ‘Speed of delivery’, ‘Communication’, ‘Stealth Packaging’ and ‘Price’.

Not only do we love GrassCity, but we receive loads of love back from the community: Check out this sweet thread on The Vault here – One love!

Follow the link to check out the Vaults reviews on the Seed finder website yourself.


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With more than 600,000 members and well over 19 million posts, GrassCity is the largest online cannabis culture community in the world. If you’ve not registered there yet, what are you waiting for? With galleries, blogs, contests and of course, a massive forums section, you’re missing out if you don’t have an account there yet!

The Vault are the number one cannabis seed company on SafeBuy, rated excellent with a score of 4.9 out of 5.

SafeBuy checks all consumer reviews, site links, data privacy and legal conformance to provide a Universal Rating that customers can totally rely on.

☺ Cannabis seeds are also categorized by their unique traits such as high THC strains, high CBD strains, high yield strains, landrace genetic strains, inbred line strains, award-winning strains, and more.
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Crop King Seeds – Marijuana Seed Bank

The BEST cannabis seed banks

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Using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is the safest option available for buying cannabis seeds online. It’s also a great way to get bigger discounts and additional free seeds with your order.