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Thanks a lot for the comment. I do know the Barcelona CSC-scene very well and did not mention it on purpose. Within the last years i travelled and visited clubs all over Spain. The reason why i did not mention the Catalan, especially the Barcelona Clubs, is the extraordanriy position they have in my eyes. Durings my vistis I never had the impression the Clubs become commercialized somehow, with the exception of Barcelona. Here i even got offered memberships in the streets like in older Ramblas times. So i must agree the Barcelona Modell gives too much points for critics, because the clubs are just too big, too unpersonal und to easy to access.
But i have been to a lot of Clubs that realize the dangers of the model and set up rules concerning maximum number of members etc. A CSC model needs as well to emphazine on personal structures, the key words are social controll and prevention of problematic consumption patterns. I know that the Barcelona model also has to face the critics of smaller clubs/associatons, because a lot of those clubs work with very strict rules and never had any problems so far, they fear the “open” CSC model in Barcelona will have negative effect on their work. But nevertheless i do think a CSC Model like i experienced it in San Sebastian or Valencia is the best solution for the land of clubs and assosiations—Germany. Of course the CSC system has to get rid of it’s childhood deseases, but that should be a questions of experience and time, not a basic one.

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Although small amounts of cannabis for private consumption is tolerated, numbers of cannabis-related charges are on the rise.


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Hi I’m coming to see Korn in Berlin from united states do I need a medical card to buy some weed and will my card work there. Thanks Chris

I am very interested. Denmark has a no tolerance policy.
Thinking about moving to either Colorado or
Far East. Guess why ?

this “Grenzwertskommision” is pure hypocrisy; you get banned from driving even if you do not drive with 1 nanogram, but if you’ve been caught smoking pot on the streets by foot!

However, sufferers can find it hard to get a prescription for therapeutic cannabis. Medical practitioners are cautious of issuing prescriptions, as they’re skeptical about cannabis’s healing effects, or still think there’s a regulation connected with using it.

It’s not allowed to grow cannabis in Germany, and offenders get the same punishments as for sale or supply. Despite this, the German government has recognized the profit-making potential of producing cannabis domestically.

Let’s understand the footsteps of cannabis in the history of Germany!

Can you Cultivate Cannabis in Germany?

They also claim that purchasing weed on the black market not only discredits ordinary civilians — blocking them from seeking aid if they want it — but also raises the odds that they will acquire harder drugs.

This is mostly thanks to the medieval academies, who went to great effort to preserve the historical practices of the country. During this time, cannabis oil was popular. People used it to heal inflammation, coughs, parasitical contaminations, gonorrhea, etc.

The neoliberal FDP joined forces in February with both the Green Party and the Left Party to pay attention to what it states is an antiquated and hard stance toward cannabis.

It is legally allowed to use, buy, and sell CBD (as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC) under EU law . However, be assured that there are some uncertainties in the law. It’s legal to buy a CBD product from a store, but other sorts of low THC cannabis-products may not be.

Besides that, those in places with less sunlight, like Hamburg, may also choose a greenhouse with artificial lights to make sure plants get as much as they need.

In the paraphrased words of the American poet Nelly, “It’s gettin’ hot out here”. In fact, no matter where you are, it’s the hottest month of the year, with temperatures ranging from 22ºC (72ºF) in Hamburg to a toasty 26°C (79°F) in Frankfurt on the Main.


If you’re in a warmer area like Frankfurt on the Main or Dusseldorf in the north-east, you may have the chance to plant directly in the ground outside (assuming you’ve fertilised and dug out a bed).

There are unique advantages and disadvantages to growing in each region, whether it’s the weather patterns, sunlight, or pests in the area.

Before we can start talking about how to grow cannabis in Germany, we have to discuss whether it’s legal. So. is it? Well, yes and no. Speaking recreationally, cannabis is still illegal, but it’s classified as an Anlage III substance.