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cannabis seeds for sale in oregon

There is a sea of strains available for all levels of growers, from the outdoor beginner to the indoor master. Whether you want a THC-heavy Sativa dominant strain or a high CBD Hybrid, there’s something for everyone at one of the world’s most famous pot places, Oregon. Online seed Oregon seed banks make it easier than it’s ever been to purchase quality cannabis seeds online. And the best part? The wide variety allows you to select seeds that suit you.

This guide is crafted to make your cannabis seed shopping a stress-free and streamlined experience. We’ll help you understand what you want, and then we can help you get it. The best cannabis seeds in Oregon are only a click away.

Are you looking for a starting point? Take a look at our handy guide to the top 9 strains to grow in Oregon:

1. Jack Herer Feminized Seeds

Another purple strain on this list, Grandaddy Purple, comes from parent strains Big Bud and Urkle. You can expect grape and berry tangs on your tongue, with strong physical sedation and a dreamlike mental state. Beautiful purple buds that bring you a beautiful dreamy high- perfect for most of Oregon’s social circles.

First things first, let’s get the issue of legality out of the way. Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Oregon?

If there was ever a strain whose genes should be preserved and placed in the hall of fame, its Durban Poison. Where do we even begin with this landrace strain? It is one of the original OG’s of strains and delivers with a lively high and heavy-hitting THC levels. Named after the vibrant port city of Durban on South Africa’s East coast, you will be scant to find a South African cannabis enthusiast who has never heard of this strain. Dubbed by locals as ‘DP,’ this is a strain that should be at the top of your bucket list.

Before you even think about planting quality seeds, you should know how to identify them first.
The seed’s physical appearance is your first clue in knowing whether or not you have purchased cannabis seeds.

Recreational use in this state has been legal since 2014, which is absolutely trailblazing considering some states are just starting to decriminalize. Just make sure when you are smoking marijuana to not smoke in the open or in public, as you are still only allowed to smoke in private just like alcohol laws. Smoking in a bar or shop is also not allowed, and it is important to know that even though it is legal you can get a fine very much like an open alcohol ticket, so as long as you smoke in private you are absolutely good to go. Legally you are allowed to purchase 1 ounce a day, 4 plants, and 10 seeds, which is more than enough marijuana for any individual person. If you want to see just how amazing your plants have the potential to grow here, then check out Oregon’s impressively fertile and stunning wineries that they are absolutely famous for. There are miles of beautiful vineyards that will impress even the most hardcore wine snob. Check us out at American Seeds Shop for inspiration on growing impressively beautiful buds, just as spectacular as all of the wineries you will get to see.

Marijuana seeds are perfectly legal in this green state. You can grow up to 4 plants and own 10 seeds but any more than this can result in confiscation. Check us out and order online today through, as we are a trusted and respectable website, with all of the growing information you need to grow your own incredible weed in Oregon.

What are the laws around Rec Use in OR?

The Auto-flowering Durban poison takes 10-11 weeks before it is ready for harvesting. This strain usually grows tall and fast with a height of 80-100 cm. You can expect an uplifting experience when you use the Durban Poison.

To see just how dense and magical your weed can be while growing in this epic state, check out the awesome Crater Lake. It is the deepest lake in the US and is the pride and joy of all those who live here. Spend the day at this national park, with all of the scenic views this incredible region has to offer. At 1,943 feet deep, try to touch the bottom if you dare. Spend the day at the lake and come home to the beautiful plants you are growing indoors, or out, as this dense, rainforest climate is incredible for growing great weed, as long as you are not growing in the winter months. Legally you are allowed to grow 4 plants recreationally and own 10 seeds in total, which is more than enough weed if you are growing for yourself.

Indigenous nations have settled in what we know now as Portland for thousands of years, and the people truly knew how to utilize this incredible place for ultimate growth potential for crops, thanks to its fertile soil. Explorers and settlers started to find this jewel state in the early 1500s, and in 1843, became an autonomous government making it the 33rd state of America. Oregon has grown impressively and is now home to 4 million people, making it the 27th largest population in the US.