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We also took home 1st prize for “Best Seeds Bank” at the recent Hemp and CBD Expo beating the likes of Homboldt Seeds, Dinafem, Blimburn & Growers Choice which was a huge moment and has led to a lot more exposure and increased demand.

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Chunky Pineapple (Cheese x Skunk X Pineapple)
Critical + (Big Bud x Skunk)
Citrus Haze (Lemon Haze)
Widow Maker (Black Domina Fast Version)
Mango Dream (Somango Fast Version)
Sensi-47 (Sensi Star x AK-47)
Jah Kush (Rated one of worlds most powerful strains)
NYC Diesel (Legendary Elite Diesel clone)

BSB Genetics 2019 Update

A meeting with the landlord of a new property I am hopeful of securing now looks imminent and could happen today (fingers crossed).
What could be the new premises is only half a mile away and still on the Bristol Road South.
It’s an ideal sized property and pretty much ready to move straight into.
There are other options but this property is most suited due to it’s location and it has rear parking.
There are plenty of vacant properties if this one doesn’t materialise so I’m not panicking and with the nature of the business also being manufacturing and wholesale with retail clients travelling from across Britain being on a busy high street is no longer necessary and preferably avoidable. This means many locations with lower rental values away from busy shopping area’s are well suited for my trade.

I’ll update again once things are set in stone.

It’s official, the cat’s out of the bag!
Over the last almost Two years I (Lee, BSB Genetics owner) have had a fantastic working relationship with Rockster of Kaliman Seeds over in sunny Spain. I have been carrying his full range of feminised genetics including the official “Cheese #1”, the only true 1989 un-hybridized clone of the original mother plant. Bringing Rockster’s range of Cheese hybrids to the UK market has been a real success with many happy returning customers. But behind the scenes away from the public eye I have got to know Rockster himself on a more personal level and through what for me has been the toughest Two years of my personal life (unrelated to the business) Rockster has been there and fully supportive of me as any true friend would be in someone’s time of need.
So we have became more than just business associates and the bond between us has lead to the successful joint venture of our businesses.
Rockster has now became an official breeder on behalf of B-S-B Genetics and in return for his efforts of the last near 12 months of producing new strains for our range we will be working hard to help him grow his brand name on British shores.
Rockster himself is originally from London, England, so he is a true Brit at heart and his efforts to bring forth the true UK Exodus Cheese for today’s connoisseur Cheese smokers, plus a range of Cheese hybrids (Rockster’s Cheese, Exodus Haze, Nitro Express to name a few), he really does deserve a lot of recognition, especially considering most breeders only create a Cheese type hybrid to try and cash in on the name without really appreciating the true value in the quality of the original Exodus Cheese.
The first batch of seeds by Rockster are due in around the start of May 2017 and the strains will be: B-S-B Cheddar #1, Blue Cheddar #1 and Original Blueberry.
Every seed which makes it’s way onto our B-S-B cards for sale will be of A1 quality, no small pale seeds, that’s a promise made by Rockster himself who has his own reputation to uphold.
Through our Facebook page “BSB Genetics” we will be keeping everyone updated regularly on the progress of these new strains with photographs and behind the scenes information. So you can be absolutely certain of exactly the genetics you will be purchasing.
We will also be running a free seeds promotion at launch date so please keep on checking in here for the blog post advertising that and also head on over and like our Facebook page for the latest updates as well as the upcoming promotions.

S&J Jewellery
896 Bristol Road South
B31 2NS
Tel: 0121 604 0040

They have some great versions of the popular USA strains such as Bruce Banner, Zkittles and Gorilla Glue and also have some old school European strain choices such as Moby Dick and Power Plant. These two strains are known world-wide for their huge yields and high potency!

With both non-autoflowering feminised strains and autoflowering feminised strains to choose from, you’re sure to find something interesting in the range offered by BSB Genetics and Seed City are very pleased to add them to our range! As always in Seed City, BSB Genetics are available as single cannabis seeds as well as full packs at the lowest prices online!