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cannabis seed laws australia

To whom it may concern

As with many other parts of the world, Australia started to change its attitudes to cannabis in the 1920s. They signed the 1925 Geneva Convention on Opium and Other Drugs, which restricted the use of the plant to medicinal and research purposes only. It was also placed in the same category as cocaine and heroin. Pressure from the UK encouraged Australia’s government to implement local laws to eradicate cannabis use.

In 2016, the NSW Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Amendment Regulation made medicinal cannabis legal for adults with terminal illnesses.

Will it be legalised in the future?

New South Wales created their Hemp Industry Act in 2008, while Southern Australia didn’t pass their Industrial Hemp Act until 2017.

One alarming study conducted in 2009 found that 42% of young adults aged 16 to 24 had consumed 20 or more alcoholic drinks in a day, in the last year alone. Among the 15% who admitted to doing it at least once a month, 40% had injured themselves, 28% had created a public nuisance or disturbance, 13% had been violent towards someone, and 19% had damaged property.

However, in Queensland, the law operates differently. There are two drugs classifications, ‘sch 1’ or ‘sch 2’ drugs. Cannabis is ‘sch 2’. This means that, if caught supplying cannabis to others (even a small amount), the offender can be given up to 15 years in prison. This is increased to 20 years if they gave the cannabis to a minor, or to someone who was educationally or intellectually impaired.

My name Warren Elliott 57 I’m on the Disabled single pension, I used to take several fits. I can only use one arm to do things which gives me pain all the time. My friend wrote this because I can’t spell very much so I dictated what I say I have right side Hemiplegia which is my right side is much weaker than the other side threw a car accident 35 years which left my Brain damage, got arthritis threw out my body, scoliosis in my back, had 22 operation’s and more to came. plus Just had a spinal decompression of the back found a hole in the lining of the spinal canal then my lung collapsed then got a bleed on the brain I take pain killers (OxyContin and Endone) I don’t like taking them there very addictive. I smoke which helps much more, when I can get it, afford it. it would be much appreciated if you could help me get Medical Marijuana or Cannabis I’m finding it very expensive can I go on MEDICAL trail

They also sell feminised seeds, which are only female seeds. Although there is a significant price difference, it is worth the effort to ensure you only use feminised seed, so you don’t waste your time growing male plants that aren’t producing the results you desire.

Indicas are more tolerant of mistakes than Sativas, and you will likely make some. Depending on your personal needs, your decision may be made.

Indica Seeds

This guide for cannabis seeds in Australia is intended for tourists and residents who are visiting Australia.

It would be best if you decided which cannabis seeds will be grown, where they will grow, and what conditions.

Naturally, the height of a tree and its foliage is important.