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cannabis seed banks that ship to australia

Green House Seed Company is a leading cannabis distribution company, they founded in 1985 in Amsterdam. This company is very popular in the cannabis community and they have a very wide popularity. Green House Seed Company has a worldwide distribution network and they aim to bring cannabis seeds closer to more cannabis enthusiasts.

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#3 (Amsterdam Seed Bank) I Love Growing Marijuana – Most Reputable breeder & cannabis seed bank

Weed Seeds Australia has very secure transportation service. They will carefully hide seeds in each package so that the order will not get stuck at customs. If unfortunately your order is withheld by customs, they will send you a completely new order to replace the stuck order.

Homegrown Cannabis Co is a reputable American seed bank and they ship cannabis to most areas in Australia. This seed bank is very famous for its highly rated articles from cannabis experts and they really offer a wide variety of quality cannabis strains.

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OZ seeds (Aussie Seeds) is Australia’s best cannabis seed bank employing the best cannabis breeder in Australia. He has worked with and learned from the top seed breeders in Canada, including 4 years at The Best Marijuana Seed Shop where they have the most advanced canabis genetics in the world. They breed the all of the top 10 world strongest strains and he has brought that knowledge back to the gentics here at OZ Seeds.

Feel safe knowing your local postie will be the one delivering your stealth packaged seeds. We have never had a lost package and no one has ever intercepted our stealth packaging. We have a 100% safe delivery guarantee, so you can have the utmost confidence placing your order with us today. Just click on the “Free Seeds” button to get free feminised seeds added to your cart, absolutely free!

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OZ Seeds creates cup killing strain Hazardous Creation Bud smashing the cup with her baseball bat shape. She’s from a powerful Royal lineage from a female Chemdawg crossed with a Platinum Kush x Tangerine Haze father. She tastes like fruit roll up’s that lingers on your tongue and during your exhale you’d swear it tastes like some tropical mixture of fruit punch, that’s what happens when you cross a Kush with a Haze. She’s a vigerous strain with uniform node spacing with the longest white hairs before turning golden amber. At harvest, her cola is the shape and size of a baseball bat. She’ll knock her head off and your friends witness it tumble down the rabbit where you’ll have an adventure of a lifetime. For dealers, she’s like a GOD for bringing more dough than any other strain. So if you see her for sale under her nick name Pot of Gold, be sure to catch her, because she’ll sell out in a moment.