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cannabis seed banks in washington

Hindu Skunk autoflowering marijuana seeds offer up euphoric and a case of the giggles, along with a fruity, uplifting effect. Thanks to their automatic genetics, this strain is easy to tend and finishes flowering quickly — in as little as seven weeks!

With all the different types of marijuana on the market, it can be difficult to figure out what the best strains are to fit your needs. Not all strains do the same thing, but you do not have to be an expert to get high quality seeds. Pacific Seed Bank provides the experts for you. We work with a team of specialists from all over the world who dedicate themselves to ensuring that you get the best seeds on the market. Read about all the different seeds we offer and what they might be good for. Marijuana has endless possibilities for recreational as well as medical use.

Pacific Seed Bank is here to serve the great state of Washington. Whether you are just starting out growing your first Pot plants, or if you are a pro looking for a solid and stable supplier, you can buy marijuana seeds in Washington from Pacific Seed Bank! We offer easy o nline shopping, and you decide what strains are best suited to your needs. Our website allows you to read about each strain at your own pace so you can make an informed choice, pick and choose your seeds with the knowledge of exactly what you are getting. We even offer “Discreet Shipping” options. Pacific Seed Bank will deliver the seeds of your choice right to your front door.

Brand X Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Named after the father of Chinese medicine, CBD Divine marijuana is an ultimate medical strain offering pure relaxation and pain relief with a balanced, fruity aroma that makes it nearly irrisistable.

If you want to grow your own marijuana in the state of Washington you need to be over 21, and have a Doctor give you written consent. You are allowed to grow up to four pot plants and these plants do not have to be CBD plants. Even if you do not have a major health issue and just want to smoke Marijuana to ease pain from chronic headaches; Pacific Seed Bank has the variety you deserve, and the quality you expect.

Incredible flavor and cerebral effects combine to make Super Snow Dog a powerful, and easy-to-cultivate, ally in the struggle against anxiety and depression.

A pungent aroma with a hint of citrus accompany the potent effects of Sour Diesel, a sativa-dominant strain that delivers a euphoric calm ideal for day-time use. Intermediate growers will easily yield upwards of 700 grams by providing a little extra care and attention to this tall plant.

Choose Strains. Save the most time by selecting what strains you want to grow before calling us to order.

Call Us. Once you’re ready to order, call us so that there’s no confusion as to what strains and quantity you need.

Note: The photos (on right) represent the flower verification results of our cannabis seeds Strain Menu.

Washington Marijuana Seeds

Time. The Strainbank will process your order within hours of payment making sure patients in Washington receive marijuana seeds within 2 – 3 days.

The Strainbank flower verifies and breeds genetics from the most well known Int’l seedbanks to ensure the authenticity of cannabis seeds for sale in Washington. Don’t let prior bad experiences growing marijuana seeds ruin future success cultivating them from us.

Location. Buying cannabis seeds for sale in Washington online is the best option for patients who do not live nearby one of our locations.

Quality. Replicate nature and buy the best cannabis seeds for sale online to grow the highest yielding, most potent medical marijuana plants possible in Washington.