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cannabis sativa seeds for growing

The strain is thought to possess a moderate THC content and would often produce a mind – centered effect that is uplifting and energizing. Sativa strains are great for both recreational and medicinal uses.

Cannabis Sativa seeds can be planted indoors or outdoors now more due to advancement in the genetic profiling of the parent plants. Renowned seed breeders like us continue to find new ways to twerk the plant to allow it offer all of its potentials to the intending farmers.

The Sativa strain is great for those who use cannabis for recreation. As a recreational herb, the Sativa is the perfect herb for those seeking an extra energizing boost or those who desire a euphoric high. Cannabis Sativa is an especially potent creativity starter. Need to brainstorm and come up with creative ideas. Super! The Sativa dominanant strains are your friends.

Sativa vs Indica seeds: what’s the difference?

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The strain is ideal for outdoor farming as it needs lots of grow space and enough sunlight to grow through its vegetative stage. The Sativa Cannabis plant is able to produce rich buds with a very high terpene profile that has been described as mind lifting. Because of the unique nature of the plant, the Sativa is often not the best strains for beginner farmers or cannabis neophytes.

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As described earlier, sativa cannabis gives you a happy and energetic high. This is the weed of choice if you want to smoke in company.

Because of its longer flowering time, you can only harvest in autumn. And because sativa’s are usually grown outdoors, there is an increased risk of them being affected by molds during this wet period. A successful harvest therefore requires extra care and attention. Experience in growing sativa is therefore a plus.

Sativa seeds are suitable for:

Pros and cons of sativa seeds

Choose from our wide range of sativa seeds and order today. On Weedseedsexpress you will find a large selection of sativa seeds. Sativa is known for its powerful, euphoric high. The plants are especially suitable for outdoor growing because they can get pretty big, but they can also be grown indoors. This ensures good yields.

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More information about growing sativa can be found in our growguide.

✔ Less suitable for beginner growers as the plants require extra care
✔ Longer flowering time
✔ Plants become quite large and therefore less suitable for indoor cultivation